QIC: Spinal Tap

PAX: Mary Poppins, Myagi, Sump Pump, Left Eye, Yogi, Busch, Escort, Deuce, Mouth, Daisy Dukes, Old Bay, Tiger, Fridge, PED, Blueprint, Pink Panther, Cowbell, Spreadsheet, Windshield, Wham-O, Beano, Maize(Sp?) and myself -23 total

Thang 1: Circle up, 16 Hillbillies, 15 Grass Grabbers, Curly Stretch Sequence (downward dog, cobra, runner stretch and reach up both sides – feels a little yoga-ish, appealing to my inner Enya)

Thang 2: Split up into 4 groups

  • Group 1-  runs around school and does 3 burpees on each corner
  • Group 2- coupon merkins to failure then switch to overhead press alternating with fatigue.
  • Group 3- Sprints 40 yards and karaoke back
  • Group 4- american hammers to fatigue or form failure alternating with v ups.

As running group returns pushing each group to next station.  Burpees reduced by one each time around.

Thang 3:   Introduced my simple body-weight routine that I teach my patients and use on my non F3 days.  Plank, 5 leg ext. each leg, 5 knee raises each leg, 5 crunches, 5 leg lifts, 5 squats with calf raise.  Usually I repeat then undress and mosey to the shower.   Today we stayed clothed and moseyed to the flag.

Announcements: a new one mentioned was a mountain bike channel on slack with an upcoming ride (look it up)

Myagi needed a cover Q for him this Saturday and Wham-O stepped up  to lead. Segueing nicely into my mention of Deuce evolving into a workout champ and leader with Site Q responsibilities.  While we are all HIM’s just by showing up, I was reminded the value in leading a workout today.  Thanks Fellas!

Intentions were said and we are reminded not to miss that opportunity to tell someone you love them or that they are appreciated.

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