PAX (14): Yogi, Blueprint, Wham-O, Left Eye, PED, Splash (FNG 2.0), Soft Top, Miyagi, Mary Poppins, Backdraft, Sump Pump, Windshield, Pepperoni, Deuce (Q)

Always fun to pull into the lot a little early and already see several guys waiting.

7am hit and disclaimer was given.

Quick mosey along the back parking lot.  Circle up:  SSH (20 IC), Grass grabbers (20 IC), downward dog, runners stretch and some arm stretches.

I looked around the COP and did not see anyone who was at CI’s death race, so I decided to start with something resembling a Steinl.  Everyone in plank, merkins on my count, then randomly select PAX for 10 counts, working in some Peter Parkers as well.  This was as difficult as I recalled it to be.

Next, mosey down to the coupon garden, grab a coupon and head up to the parking lot.

Thang 1 – 45 second exercise circuit – 45 second AMRAP, 10 second rest.  Exercises done – curls, Al Gore, Coupon press, LBCs, rows, lunges, dips, plank, V ups, kettle bell swings, squats, Rockys, flutter kicks.

After that was complete, next PAX bear crawled the length of the back parking lot, stopping every third parking spot for a burpee.  Once we got to the end, it was lunge walk back, stopping at every third spot for 4 Bobby Hurleys.

After all PAX got back to their coupons, we did a nice mosey around the walking path, and back to the coupons.

Repeat the 45 second circuit.  Same exercised completed.

Return the coupons, and circle up for a couple of final things.  First a quick merkin time bomb, starting on 6 and working our way down.

Next, a little Mary Webb.  1:4 ratio of big boy sit ups and American Hammers.  Toward the end of this, I forgot how to count apparently.  I think we did all that we needed to do, just not in the order I had intended.

COT – count and name-o-ramas, announcements and then intentions given, and a quick prayer.


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