9/12/2019 The Agony at the County

PAX(13) Scratch & Dent, Peach, Mama’s Boy, Crock Pot, Dutch Oven, Red Wagon, Jerry McGuire, Giselle, My Pleasure, Red Card, Mud Bug, Bulletin, Rocky(Q) COT for a little warm up: Grass Grabbers, SSH, E2K, Downward Dog The Thang: “Pass the trash” Each HIM was dealt 2 playing cards from a deck containing the following: AcesContinue reading “9/12/2019 The Agony at the County”

PB 8/8/19 The Agony at The County- It’s Q school week

As the PAX who have posted this week know it’s Q school week. Come to the County tomorrow for a little teaching on why Mama enjoys this cult (cough) I mean workout group. We will do a Dora and pearls on a string. The main thing is we will learn and become better HIMS. SYITGContinue reading “PB 8/8/19 The Agony at The County- It’s Q school week”

BB 6/5/2019 The Agony at The County

This was my One year post-anniversary. I was so excited I couldn’t sleep which didn’t help as I’m under the weather as well, but no excuses today. Lets get better together. I am also participating in the 10,000 Merkin challenge for the month of June. So I wanted to get my quota knocked out beforeContinue reading “BB 6/5/2019 The Agony at The County”

3/30/2019 The Nest @ The County

As SB approached, I figured the numbers would possibly be small over the next week. As I can count the HIMS enjoying the weather in Florida. I figured I’d take his Saturday Q and deliver the Nest a proper beatdown. Weather 55-60 degrees no rain. Perfect weather for a Saturday beatdown. Disclaimer: By no meansContinue reading “3/30/2019 The Nest @ The County”

BB 1/28/2019 at the Incubator- South Posh

It was my VQ at the Posh and was I excited. This AO has some true HIMS and I wanted to deliver a solid beat down. I had trouble sleeping on Sunday. I’m not sure if it was nerves or excitement. Weather: A perfect 30 degrees PAX: Jolly Rancher Viking Scuba Steve Big Bird ValdezContinue reading “BB 1/28/2019 at the Incubator- South Posh”

Pre-Blast the Loco 12/4/18 Double Down Beatdown

♠️💪🏻♠️💪🏻♠️💪🏻♠️💪🏻♠️💪🏻♠️💪🏻♠️💪🏻♠️ Tomorrow is a special day, we will start the day off getting better in honor of a true HIM Double Down. Black will be the color of choice and bring and Ace of ♠️ if you have one.Gel in the hair is an added bonus, slicked back preferably. Bring a winners mentality and planContinue reading “Pre-Blast the Loco 12/4/18 Double Down Beatdown”