3/28/2019 The Agony @ The County

This Thursday was the start of the Sweet 16. To start off, I gave the disclaimer because I wanted to start a few minutes early. We needed time to shoot one Free Throw each. If we made at least 50% of our shots, then we would do less Burpees throughout the WO. The PAX shot a dismal 30%. We might all wake up early to work out but we can’t hit a free throw @ 5:30. So off we go….

Weather: A Perfect 35 degrees

Pax of 15:



Le Pew




Jerry Maguire

Jolly Rancher

Mud Bug





Big Bird

Mama’s Boy- Q

Disclaimer: By no means am I a professional or strive to be one. Modify as needed and let get better together.

Mosey to the upper parking lot

30-SSH (IC)

20- ImperyWalker (IC)

15- Slow Grass Grabber

Downward Dog and Scorpion.

Thang 1:

The County take on a Burpee Mile:

Run a little over .9 tenths of a mile while doing 3 Burpees at each light pole. 10 poles for a total of 60 Burpees. Plank or work for the 6.

Thang 2: – Line up shoulder to shoulder, Everyone in Plank Position, pattycake merkins down the line until everyone returns to their original position.

Thang 3: AMRAP round of 16. 1 minute on 20 second rest. We made it through 11 rounds.

-Toe Raises



-Wide Merkins

-Big Boys


-Jump Lunges


-Flutter Kicks

Finishes with a little Mary


Announcement for the Passion Ruck on April 19th. This should be a great Ruck including all of the 3 F’s.

Unspoken and spoken prayers.

Ended with: Let’s go out and be the best HIMS we can each and every day.

Always a pleasure to lead. Until next time.

Mama’s Boy Out 👊🏻

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