BB 6/5/2019 The Agony at The County

This was my One year post-anniversary. I was so excited I couldn’t sleep which didn’t help as I’m under the weather as well, but no excuses today. Lets get better together. I am also participating in the 10,000 Merkin challenge for the month of June. So I wanted to get my quota knocked out before the day started.

So we went Merkin heavy today.

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional or strive to be one. Everything I say is a suggestion, Modify as needed. Let’s get after it.


Big Bird


Pew Pew

Speed Bump




Big Bug(FNG)



Jolly Rancher




Red Card

My Pleasure



Meter Maid

Mama’s Boy-Q


20-SSH (IC)


20- Imperial Walkers(IC)

Downward Dog and Scorpion

Kendra Newman’s

Thang 1:

Mosey to the top parking lot and do a Merkin Bomb. With 20 PAX in attendance today we started the Bomb off at 8 then 7,6,5 etc.

Thang 2; Triple Nickel

Set 1; Run up the hill and complete 5 lunge jumps per leg. Run down and complete 5 squat. Rinse and repeat x 5.

Second set: Run up the hill next to the gym and complete 5 Merkins at the top. Run down and complete 5 Burpees at the bottom. Rinse and repeat x 5.

Third Set: 1st time up squats and lunges

2nd time up Burpees and Merkins

3rd time up squats and lunges

4th time up Burpees and Merkins

Nickel- squats and lunges

@Big Bird and @Abacus lead Mary exercises as we waited for the 6 after each set. Thanks Guys

Mosey to flag and circle up for a Jack Webb

Merkins/shoulder Press. 1×4 all the way to 10×40. At this point we are almost out of time but we have a minute to spare. Flutter Kicks till time.



Shout out to @Red Card and @My Pleasure for making it out this week. These men are 14 and 16 and posted twice this week. Glad to have you out and props to @scratch-N- dent for getting them out.

As always it is a pleasure to lead a group of high impact men. The last year has been a blast. Thanks F3, this is the best start to the day.

Mama’s Boy Out👊🏻

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