Diablo BackBlast for Black-Ops at St. Patrick 6/6/19 – D-Day Remembrance

Q: Diablo

PAX: OJ, Meatball, Snowday, Methane, Propane, Hot Wheels, Nino, Carlos’e, Fructose, Huggies, Latex, Uncle Rico, Diablo


D-Day – When more than 160,000 Allied troops landed along a 50 mile stretch of heavily-fortified French coastline to fight Nazi Germany on the beaches of France. Gen. Eisenhower called the operation a crusade in which “we will accept nothing less than full victory.” This invasion that allowed the Allies to gain a foot-hold in Continental Europe. This incredible event was carried out by remarkable men 75 years ago today, 6/6/44. We kept those numbers and those men in mind today.

The Workout

After a quick disclaimer and some words about D-Day, PAX moseyed over to the hill in front of the gym for COP:

SSHs 25 IC

Copperhead Squats 20 IC

Groiners 10 IC

PAX then grabbed some very new and urine free coupons for:

6 Thrusters

Run up hill with coupon

44 Coupon Curls

Run down hill with coupon

6 Thrusters

Run up hill with coupon

44 Curls

Run down hill with coupon

PAX then caught their collective breath for some more individual work:

75 Merkins

75 Squats

75 Coupon Presses

The mumble chatter was low, but the form was strict. Lots of full Merkins and deep squats. Well done here.

YHC then circled PAX up, with coupons, for:

10 deep squats with coupon

20 step back lunges with coupon

The legs were a little wobbly here.

PAX returned coupons and moseyed back toward the flag.

PAX partnered up here for:

Partner 1 15 big boy sit ups

Partner 2 holds partner’s feet in plank position.

Switch, rinse & repeat (3x).

That was 45 old school big boy sit-ups mixed in with some prolonged planking.

With some time left, PAX performed 20 curb merkins (chest to curb) superset with 20 curb jumps. Most seemed to complete 2-3 rounds of this.

And that was a heavy, hard 45 minutes of work. Strong group who got after it this morning.

PAX circled up for COR, NOR, and COT. Announcements were made and I said some more things.

Also, St. Patrick is a great spot. Well lit; clean; hills; clean coupons; lots of space for activities. If you haven’t checked it out, do so soon.

As always, thank you for allowing me to be a part of THIS.


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