9/12/2019 The Agony at the County

PAX(13) Scratch & Dent, Peach, Mama’s Boy, Crock Pot, Dutch Oven, Red Wagon, Jerry McGuire, Giselle, My Pleasure, Red Card, Mud Bug, Bulletin, Rocky(Q)

COT for a little warm up: Grass Grabbers, SSH, E2K, Downward Dog

The Thang: “Pass the trash”

Each HIM was dealt 2 playing cards from a deck containing the following:

Aces = 11 x Burpees

Kings = 10 x Merkins (suicidal King = 20x)

Queens = 10 x LBCs (Queen of Hearts = Wild Card)

Jacks = 10 x Big Boys (one-eyed Jack = 20x)

10s = 1 Lap around the AO

9s =  9 Star Crunches

8s = 8 Carolina Dry Docks

7s = 7 Jump Squats

At the end of each round we passed a card (the trash) to another HIM, which he then had to do in the next round.

PAX does one lap around the AO with 10 minutes left.

COT for some Mary




Closing Prayer


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