3/30/2019 The Nest @ The County

As SB approached, I figured the numbers would possibly be small over the next week. As I can count the HIMS enjoying the weather in Florida.

I figured I’d take his Saturday Q and deliver the Nest a proper beatdown.

Weather 55-60 degrees no rain. Perfect weather for a Saturday beatdown.

Disclaimer: By no means am I a professional or strive to be one. Modify as needed and let’s get better together. No FNG’s so let go….

Pax: 8



Jolly Rancher

Big Bird




Mama’s Boy–Q


30-SSH (IC)

15- Slow Grass-grabbers

20- Copperhead Squats

20-Imperial Walkers

Kendra Newman’s OYO

Downward Dog and Scorpion

Thang 1-


Partner up. PAX 1 preforms exercise while PAX 2 runs the parking lot. Switch and accomplish the BOMBS

B- 50 Burpees

O-100 Overhead Claps

M- 150 Merkins

B-200 Big Boy Sit-ups

S-250 Squats

As the early finishers finished, me being one of them bc I was partnered with a true HIM in @Abacus. We helped out the 6 with squats and some good mumble-chatter.

We then Moseyed and each grabbed a coupon. Made our way back to the portico for a couple rounds of work. Wr did 6 exercises X20

Mountain Climbers


Plank Jacks

Bench press


Overhead Press

With a 1:30 plank in between each round

We knocked out 3 sets and moved on to some Mary.


15-Flutter Kicks (IC)

15- Pickle Pounders (IC)

20- LBC (IC)

Announcements- April 19th passion Ruck, Convergence April 20th, Huggies preRuck before the Convergence.

Intentions- For everyone traveling and for all the unspoken intentions. We lifted them to the Sky Q.

I’m always honored to lead, thanks for everyone who made it out.

The Double Down Challenge is over but that doesn’t mean we should stop getting out to all the AO’s and getting better as we all strive to a better me. Keep the momentum going into the spring weather. It’s time for some more HL as well. Find a sad clown and invite him to this amazing group of HIMS. They might not know they need the gloom like myself, but once they find it. They will be hooked. SYITG Mama’s Boy 👊🏻

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