PAX(26) Airplane, Meter Maid, Boozer, Star Child, Abacus, Deuce, Huggies, Jolly Rancher, Retainer, Freon, Mud Bug, Cowboy, Steerage, Fungi, Rusty (R), Catfish, Cochran, Wild Flower, Bulletin (R), Viking, Cavity (FNG), Brown (FNG), Middle Man (FNG), Schrute (R)(FNG), Training Wheels (FNG),Yogi (VQ)

Nerves, nerves, and more nerves as I pulled into the County parking lot at 5:10 ready for my first go at being the Q. As I walked the lot setting out cones and planning for the hopeful arrival of at least one other HIM, I began to feel the butterflies! Then as I rounded the church I saw Huggies truck in the lot and I knew we were good to go. Next thing I know the place looked like it was gearing up for carpool drop off. HIM after HIM filed in and at 5:30 it was show time!!

A short disclaimer, which revealed we had 5 FNG’s and one visiting PAX from Florida…the butterflies were back.

But the Q Juice that Grinder told me about took over and we were off:

Short mosey around the church to the far parking lot.

COP: 25 SSH, 15 Grass grabbers, Downward Dog calf stretch, 15 Imperial Walkers

We then moseyed to the bottom of the hill to retrieve 7 coupons.

I had set up stations around the County and we all moseyed to each station and gave a brief explanation. We then split up into groups of 5 and headed to different stations.

Station 1: Pick up coupon and walk down the hill to do 10 curls then up the hill to do 10 overhead presses. Mosey to next.

Station 2: 10 V-ups, mosey on.

Station 3: 10 Big Boys, mosey on

Station 4: Bernie Sanders across the parking lot to next station.

Station 5: 30 Tricep dips on the soccer benches, mosey on

Station 5: Bear Crawl from tree to tree, mosey on

Station 6: 20 Calf raises, mosey on

Station 7: 10 Pull-ups on the playground, rinse and repeat!

At 6:07 we picked up the cones and returned coupons, then circled up for the ending. I had promised the PAX in pre-blast some Angus Young and they got it.

With Thunderstruck playing we planked until Brian Johnson said “thunder”! With every thunder we did a merkin and returned to plank. Half way through we went into squat position or tree hugger and did a Bobby Hurley with thunder!

At 6:15 I called it and we circled around the flag for COT:

Count a Rama

Name a Rama

FNG naming

Announcement and Intentions

Pray it out

It was an honor and privilege to lead these great men today.


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