The stage was set for YHC and the captain himself.  26 PAX flew out of the fart sack and headed for #TheChopper.  YHC arrived at 0500 to ensure weinke was set up properly.  When I left the parking lot and headed for the ball field there were only a few pax present.  When I returned at 0510, lot was packed and 2ndF was heavy.  Taking a step back to view the fellowship this group has is awesome.  We are better together.

A couple weeks ago SnowDay approached CI and myself and asked if we would coQ at the chopper.  YHC obviously loves to Q but I also love CI. #LockShields What could go wrong?!



Kilo Q


worm, Nino, Thumbtack, Newman, Vincent, SnowDay, jolly Rancher, Tony Malito, Aerobie, crash, Wham, stormtrooper, Fergie, airplane, mommas boy, fridge, Alexa, pork chop, big bird, ToolTime, meter maid, Miyagi, trump, nice n slow


Kilo up first.

quick mosey around parking lot to warm up

10 SSH

downward dog stretch

count off in 2’s

head to the ball field.


20 feet on wall

20 hands on wall

repeat until relieved by 1’s


start at home run to right field

10 mountain climbers

run to center field

10 merkins

run to left field

10 Spider-Man merkins

run home


switch with 1’s.

2X through both


mosey behind ball field to the hill

bear crawl o rama.  CI called it a bear crawl line dance, which is pretty accurate.

To the right

down merkin

to the left

half way up the hill

to the right

to the left

down merkin

up to top of hill.

10 BOyOs

crawl bear back down

rince and repeato


Tag in my partner

mosey to bottom parking lot


AMRAP Merkin Bear crawl inchworm up hill

Four corners ascending to 11: burpees on odds, full squats on evens. Bear crawl to, lunge wall back

Four corner Mary-o-Rama. Adam Lambert’s, Gas Pumps, Flutters, Rosalitas

3x 30 yd out and back shuttle run

Woof!  We both tagged out



various announcements and intentions.

Thanks to veterans for your service




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