09/13/2018 – The Extender

Preparation is a word that a lot of HIMs use when they sign up to lead a WO. They write a preblast, they stay up all night playing with their wienke, they wake up 45 minutes before the workout with the preQ jitters. I did none of these. I thought about the preblast last night around 10pm but I did not want @Tiger to not come because we were going to run.

Mouth (Q)
Pax: @Pink Panther, @Zima, @Tiger, @Buschhhh, @Old Bay, @Fergie, @Maze, @Blueprint, @PED, @Windshield, @Frig, @Spreadsheet, @Booger, @Yogi, @Digiorno

Disclaimer and a short mosey to the main parking lot for our warm up.

30 SSH, Little and big Kendra Newman’s, and a lot of stretching to prepare the PAX for our run around Mary Hill. Running is not my thing and honestly I hate doing it. The whole concept seems dumb to me but I know that running is important so I include it every time in my WO. What is funny is I read preblasts and if I see a Q that is a big runner I normal skip. That being said I also skip when it is raining or did rain the night before. This is the crazy F3 game I play. Enough about me let’s get the blast finished.

Counted off 1’s and 2’s. This is normally the hardest part of the workout but this PAX came to play this morning and everyone was successful in getting this right on the first try.

1’s went to get coupons while the 2’s lined up.

Thang 1
Sumo jump squat time bomb. Crowd favorite. I did not tell the story this time about Sumo jump squats as I have told it enough I thought I was becoming everyone’s father in-law telling the same dumb story every time we see each other.

I was partnered with @Buschhhh for this one and I knew we would be partners for the entire WO. I like @Buschhhh as a person but he runs fast and never seems to get tired so I was concerned as I knew we had a good run coming up. Either way I did not say anything about the run because I did not want him to get nervous. I did ask him to look me in the eyes during the exercise which is not weird at all.

Thang 2
Run. We would do a lap around Mary Hill and at each street light we would stop and do 5 merkens. There are 25 lights so those still doing the merken challenge earned another 125 merkens towards the 10k goal. I think that is still going on.

Thang 3
Wall sit for 1 minute.

Thang 4
Coupons. 100 (on your own) over head presses, bench, biceps, rows, squats. Your push would come from your partner who would wall sit for a 20 count on the other side of the parking lot. Not sure how many PAX made it all the way through so if you did great job.

COR, NOR, announcements. I have Q’ed a handful of times and always have @Old Bay close it for me. Hundreds of PAX from around the country have asked why I always throw it to Old Bay and why he always acts surprised when I do. Short, easy answer. Old Bay is much better at closing speeches than I am and he normally says something inspirational to the PAX. I live by the old Steve Jobs saying hire smart people so they can tell me what to do vs me telling them. I hired OB for my closing. Also the one time Old Bay was a no show at my Q I educated the PAX on a phase I have lived by my entire life. Go out each day and don’t be an asshole or kill anyone. This my HIMs is the answer to your question as to why I farm this task out.

Go Bucks! O-H-I-O!


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