Dem County Boys is funny, The AGONY BB for 9.13.18

My “Home” AO isn’t The County, but I like posting there & those HIMs were nice enough to add me to the St. Als private channel after my first Q there. I signed up to Q the AGONY about a month ago so I found it odd when I got this notification on Slack earlier this week:


I didn’t even know this was possible…but okay. I planned my Weinke for this morning & got to The County about 0510 to set up. When I pull up I see the flag is in the ground with a light on the ground as well. I figured Airplane was doing some EC running. I was proud of him, but didn’t think anything else of it & went on setting up the cones for The Thang. At about 0525 I’m done & go over to where PAX are gathering. I notice there are only about 8-10 PAX there…0529 & no one else is pulling up. This AO averages 20+ every WO & Airplane (the Site Q) is nowhere to be found…WTF?!?

Okay, whatever, it is what it is…I only had three PAX post at my Q on Monday. This is twice as many, glass 1/2 full. I give the disclaimer that I am not a professional, each PAX is there on their own free will, everything is a suggestion, & modify as needed. 

With that, we were off on a mosey going down the far side of the parking lot to the road to go in front of the school/church. I’m in the front, kinda pissed, & as I’m moseying I send Airplane a message on Slack, “Dude.” We get to the other side of the premise & circle up. 


  • (10) Grass Grabbers IC

I hear some commotion, stop leading the Grass Grabbers to look behind me to see 18 more PAX joining in…funny guys.


  1. Abacus
  2. Big Bird
  3. Mama’s Boy
  4. Dddrumroll
  5. Mud Bug
  6. Perrier
  7. Freon
  8. PorkChop
  9. Bulletin (R)
  10. McAfee
  11. Gilligan
  12. Cochran
  13. Training Wheel
  14. Launch Pad (R)
  15. Meter Maid
  16. Airplane
  17. Wildflower 
  18. PreCheck (FNG)(R)
  19. Viking
  20. Donut
  21. Soccer Mom
  22. Boozer
  23. Huggies
  24. Steerage
  25. Fungi
  26. Nino (QIC)


  • (10) Grass Grabbers IC
  • (20) Side Straddle Hops IC
  • (20) Imperial Walkers IC

It was time to head over to The Thang, I told the PAX who were with me originally to come & everyone who joined late to start doing Burpees. I can be funny too.

The Thang – 100 Yard Suicide

I explained to the PAX where their end zone was & every time you come to your end zone you do (10) Big Boy Sit Ups. Cones were placed every 10 yards with correlating repetitions & exercises at each marker (as seen on the picture below). I told the PAX we were going to do The Thang for an undisclosed amount of time (28 minutes), but the goal was for everyone to complete at least one full suicide. Early finishers…start the second suicide. Exercise!


As PAX got to the 30-yard line I started to hear A LOT of groans. Yes, I know Mac Tar Jais suck which is why I included them. The groans echoed again at the 50-yard line, they were Burpees but could’ve been Man Makers. At one point I overheard someone say it sounded like a women’s tennis match with all the grunting & groaning. This made me smile, see I can be funny too. At 0608 I let the PAX know we were done with The Thang & to mosey back to the meeting point for some Mary.


  • 6” hold for 30 seconds
  • (10) Hello Dollys IC
  • 6” hold for 30 seconds
  • (20) Big Boys
  • (10) Peter Parker’s IC
  • (10) JLows IC

It was now 0615 so we circled up, which is when I saw the note Airplane intended for me to find when I got there.


  • COR
  • NOR 
  • Announcements
  • Intentions

Thanked the SkyQ for another day, asked these 45 minutes be the hardest thing we endure today/this week, & for the courage to lead in our homes/community.

Whether I’m the Q with 40 or 4 PAX in attendance it’s always a humbling privilege to lead the HIMs of this group…even if only for 45 minutes.

Nino out.

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