GrowLock Challenge Announcement #HL #reHL #FNG #Growth


2018 GrowLock Challenge

How did you find out about F3?  More than likely you stumbled upon one of StarChild’s 100 Facebook post, or you met CI at a hair salon where he proceeded to tell you how he got big guns.  Whatever the story may be, truth is a friend invited you, and you didn’t know you needed F3 until you found it.

YOU are our best recruiting tool, thus we have the first ever F3Louisville GrowLock challenge.

  • An 8 week HL challenge beginning Monday 9/17 concluding Saturday 11/10
  • cost you $5 to participate.  PayPal only PayPal link here
  • HL (FNG) = 1 raffle entry
  • Re-HL (any PAX that HAS NOT posted since 6/1) = 1 raffle entry
  • HL or Re-HL makes 3 post during challenge = 1 Bonus raffle entry
  • Self reporting on Slack via #GrowLock channel (YHC will keep track of entries, you just need to post FNG or Re-HL name on slack channel)

Winner of the raffle will receive this super sized Bluetooth speaker to wake up the entire Mutt neighborhood during COP.




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