BB #the extender 9/27

18 HIMS (1 FNG) game out to do some stuff.  Pax: Zoo, Fridge, Tiger, Larry Flint, Plumb Bob, Banana Bread, PeepPeep (FNG), PED, Old Bay, Duece, Sump Pump, Cow Bell, Maze, Glen Ross, Backdraft, Jerkins, Spreadsheet (Q), and Mary Poppins. 


Curly stretch, mountain climbers (x10), grass grabbers (10), hillbillies (10), and one of my favorites little bitty flutter crunches (x10)


Thing 1

This was a combination of things I need to work on to get better, running and burpees.  We ran around the neighborhood (Leland, St. Matthews, and Elmwood), stopping at all light posts for 3 burpees each.  We stopped at all light posts including those not working and those that turned on when someone clapped ono their burpee.  

Thing 2.

Sets of 11s.  The first set of 11s  was 1 donkey kick (PAX favorite), then run across the parking lot, and complete 10 burpees.  Continue until 10 donkey kits and 1 burpee. I missed Old Bay’s Q Tuesday and heard his 11s used burpees too. I am glad we are all trying to get better 😊. The second set of 11s was 1 plankjack, run across the parking lot, and then 10 SSH.  Continue until 10 plankjacks and 1 SSH. 

Thing 3

We had just enough time for a merkin time bomb.   We circle up, explained the time bomb, and started at 5.  We headed back to the flag.


Announcements, intentions, we heard about how banana bread got his name.  I enjoyed leading the PAX on this awesome today.  Keep up the good work HIMs.  ISYITG.


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