Hurpees Distrubuted at Temple of Gloom BB 10.4.18


I didn’t realize how dark it as at The O until I posted at the Temple of Gloom last Thursday. My plan for today was to use the half pipe & baseball field which is why I advised PAX to bring a headlamp in my PreBlast. At 0515 this morning as I was pulling up to my surprise the field lights were on eliminating the softball field/soccer field…AUDIBLE.

Weather: 74 degrees with 86% humidity.

Gearlander: Black Nike tank, Grey Nike shorts, Green Bubbles Buff, Black sock with grey stars on them from House of Boom, & Grey Reeboks with neon yellow laces. I think this attire immediately got the wheels turning in Zoolander’s head.


  1. Loco
  2. Cutlass
  3. Huggies
  4. Vincent (R)
  5. Zoolander
  6. Dodger
  7. Mall Cop (VP from Greensboro)
  8. Scuba Steve
  9. Flo Jo
  10. Trump
  11. Catfish
  12. Dewey
  13. Joker
  14. Gillespie
  15. Chicken Fried
  16. Nino (QIC)

I gave the disclaimer letting the PAX know I am not a professional, everything I say is  a suggestion, that each of them were there on their own free will, & to modify as needed. With that out of the way we were off on a mosey down to the soccer field on the opposite of the loop from the tennis courts.


  • (20) SSH IC
  • (21) IW IC
  • (20) GG IC

We paired off & it was time for Thang 1.

Thang 1

HIM 1 does jump squats on the line of the goal box while HIM 2 sprints out to midfield, performs (10) Hurpees, & sprints back…HIM 1 & HIM 2 alternate. I didn’t specify how many times do this. I told the PAX to we’d do this for a disclosed amount of time (10 minutes) & I’d let them know when to stop.

**For those wondering what a Hurpee is I was introduced to this exercise last week at The O by Who Dey. A Hurpee is a Burpee in which you do a handle release Merkin when you go down…I love them.

Vincent gave me a 10 count & we moseyed over to the softball field for Thang 2.

Thang 2

The PAX lined up next to one another along the 3rd base line. I pulled out a deck of cards in which each card had been labeled. Each HIM would pull a card, read aloud to the PAX the exercise on the card along with quantity (number on the card) & then the HIM ran their designated bases. Here’s a breakdown:

Club ♣️

  • Designated Run: Single
  • Exercise: Peter Parker

Heart ❤️: 

  • Designated Run: Double
  • Exercise: Lunge

Spade ♠️:

  • Designated Run: Triple
  • Exercise: Mountain Climber

Diamond ♦️:

  • Designated Run: Inside the Park
  • Exercise: Merkins

Joker 🃏:

  • ALL PAX run out to center field, perform (10) Handle Release Merkins, & run back

For example if I pulled a 9 of Spades ♠️, the PAX would all do 9 Mountain Climbers & I would run the bases finishing at 3rd. Then I would rejoin the line at the end while the PAX moved down in rotating fashion. The plan was to get through all 54 cards, but due to time constraints we didn’t make it…1 Joker 🃏 was pulled.

We moseyed back to the track, lined up, did a Native American Run back to the tennis courts, & circled up for some Mary.


I introduced my version of a Mary Steinl which is when Zoolander decided to share his position that based off the way I was dressed & my use of “Steinl” Captain Insane-O & I were officially morphing into the same person. Stranger things have happened…here’s what we did:

  • Hold 6” while 3 different HIMs do a 10 count
  • Straight into (10) Hello Dolly’s IC
  • Back into 6” hold while 3 more HIMs to a 10 count
  • Straight into (10) Hello Dolly’s IC
  • Straight into (10) Box Cutters IC

By this time it was 0614 so for the last minute we did Pickle Pounders to close out the WO. To the flag to close things down.





  • Flo Jo is putting together a team for the Fight for Air Climb on 2/2/19, reach out to him for more details
  • BlackOps WO on Mondays at The O
  • BlackOps Clydesdale Run on Mondays at The O
  • Cutlass is set to Q the Ruiner on Saturday
  • GrowLock Challenge is taking place through 11.7.18 so get some FNGs ITG
  • Mark your calendar for Convergence on Saturday 10.27.18 at The Posh


With that, I thanked the SkyQ for another day & for the opportunity to lead these (15) HIMs even if its only for 45 minutes of their day. I asked that they SkyQ give us the strength & courage to be the men needed in our homes, workplaces, & community. This was fun, I’ll have to do it again.

Nino out.

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