Backblast – The Incubator 10-8

Pax -16  McAfee, Star Child, Methane, DYNAMITE, Tool Time, Forced Closed, Double Down, Viking, Pew Pew, Ladybird, Lube Job, Crash, Valdez, Bob Ross, Jitterbug and FNG (Layers)

This was a beautiful for a workout to honor a lovely woman. Carolyn Wintergerst-Weston passed away on her 42 Birthday last Friday. She was my first wife the mother of my first daughter and just a great human being.  I wanted to incorporate her and her family into the workout today.

After a mosey around the parking lot we circled up.

Warm up –

42 SSH (Carolyn’s age)

18 Chery pickers (Neville age – Carolyn’s daughter)

12 Abe Begoda (Twins Payton /Kendall age – Carolyn’s daughter)

7 BOYOS (Harper’s age – Carolyn’s daughter)


3 stations

Station 1

Run .25 Mile to lite do 18 Squats and run back to relive Station 2.

Station 2

Partnered carry coupon back and forth between cones. 12 hand slap pushups at each end.

Station 3

On the picnic tables.

7 Box jumps

7 Dips

7 Decline Skull Crushers

After 2 times around the 3 Stations we ran back to the flags for a little Bob Webb

Bob Webb to 42 not 40..

1 burpee for 4 Imperial walkers, 2 burpees 8 imperial walkers and so on… al the way to 42.

We ended right at 6:15!

It was a great group of HIMS and a great workout.

We named our FNG Layers because of Sean pointing out that he always wore several layers of clothing… including today not only wearing a long sleeve shirt but even shirt UNDER the long sleeve shirt.

Intentions –  everyone please keel the Wintergerst Weston family in your prayers. I explained I’m having a bench made for the girls to remember their mother when sitting out in the back yard.

here is the link if you would like to donate

Bob Ross




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