Backblast – The Mutt 10/6

PAX – my apologies for the delay on getting this out.  VQ mistake…needed to get get on Slack, figure out Slack…blah blah blah.  I assure you it will not happen again. (If I’m ever asked to Q)

Attendance:  16 strong, 2 FNGs (!): Windshield, Jambalaya (FNG), Cornbread, Larry Flynt, Glen Ross, Geppetto, Miyagi, Sump Pump, Bag Boy (FNG), Wham, Chestnut, Daddy’s Girl, Backdraft, Whamo, Clydesdale, Pepperoni (Q)

What to do for my VQ?  Well, steal all my favorites from my first five months of workouts and try to turn that into 50+ minutes of course.  (No bear crawls)

Scenery: Not the cool, crisp October AM I had hoped for, but could be worse.  VQ arrives early to scope out the scene.  6:45…no PAX, 6:50…no PAX, 6:53….still no PAX…is this a joke?  6:55…flood gates open.

Quick mosey and stretch.  The accountant VQ struggles with counting.  Some stretches end of 26, others on 14 (shrug)…VQ juices are flowing/counting hard

Merryhill Four Corner mosey:

Jog to and around Merryhill, stopping for 20 Merkins, 20 Copperhead squats, 20 LBCs, 20 lunges and another 20 Merkins on our way out because we are awesome and this should hurt a little.  Proceed to Coupon Garden where those who listened pair up with someone they didn’t know, make new friends (fellowship).

Team Work time:

Count to 200 five times (hooray) doing Coupon Chest Press, Coupon Overhead Press, Couple Squats, Rows and Curls, while our partner was busy doing Side Straddle Hops, Lunges, Mountain climbers, Bobby Hurls, and LBCs.  Good stuff.  People sweat and ponder the meaning of life.  Return coupons, return to parking lot

Circle of Pain:

This was not very fun but was great.  Not gonna lie, I sort of blackout here.

Stretch:  Cornbread led us in some great stretches to aide in recovery.  Circle up at the flags.

Announcements.  Next Sat 10/13 NO MUTT workout….we are taking it to the Big FOUR Bridge and meeting our Indiana brethren in the middle.  NOT TO BE MISSED.

Windshield is running for RE-ELECTION for St Matthews City Council.  Support your brother.

Intentions: We prayed for the family of Holy Trinity parishioner and friend of many PAX, Carolyn Wintergerst-Weston who passed away last week.  Stay tuned for fundraising efforts to aide her family.  Also Wedding Singer’s father and as well as several others.

Til Next Time,



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