Backblast – The O #Ruiner 10-6

Blimps #2

PAX: Lotus(FNG), Gillispie, Seabass, Left Eye, Red Roof, Vincent (Respect), Tron, Curry, Mall Cop, Cutlass (YHQ)

I intended to have an FNG join my Saturday morning but he was apparently up late and didn’t respond to my attempts at getting him up and out. No matter, Mall Cop made a surprise return for the Ruiner and brought with him, an FNG! Mad Props Sr. and welcome to Lotus!

Warm Up:

Abe Vigoda

Arm Circles

Grass Grabbers


Thang 1:

We didn’t waste a lot of time as I knew thang 1 was going to be a challenge. (spoiler alert: it was). This was a modification to a workout on Lexicon called BLIMPS.

Pax gathered at the corner of the soccer field closest to bathrooms.

Round 1:

10 burpees at each corner w/ Sprints from 1 corner to the next. (40 total)

Round 2:

PAX grabbed a coupon and did 20 Squats at corner 1 and then did weighted lunges to corner 2. Rinse and repeat all the way around the field. (80 squats)

Round 3:

30 Imperial Walkers at each Corner (120 total)

Round 4:

40 Merkins at each corner (160 total)

Round 5:

Coupon Raises at each corner (200 total)

This took even longer than I thought and we didn’t have much time.

Thang 2:

PAX partnered up. While partner 1 did Dips by the bathroom, partner 2 moseyed over to the playground and did pull ups to failure. P2 relieved P1 and repeated for about 8 minutes.

Thang 3:

Burpee football. Good guys won.

Thang 4:

Circled up to cool down with some core.

COT: Prayed for those in need.


Cutlass Out


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