Backblast 8/19/17 #FieldofDreams

27 Pax #gotbetter today at the Seneca AO for the Field of Dreams #Ruiner. Cutlass stepped up for his VQ and brought the pain. QIC: Cutlass Pax (27): Quimby, Country Boy, Mouth, Zartan, Cardinal, Buckeye, Glenn Ross, Jordy, Tron, Wham!, Captain Insane-o, Old Bay, The Tiger, Backdraft, Scratch, Mr. Clean, Bean Counter, Spinal Tap, Diablo, Happy Fingers, Maybury, WaterBoy, Chipeto, Face, Trump, DiGiorno. Lets get into it… Easy Jog over to the … Continue reading Backblast 8/19/17 #FieldofDreams