VMP #BlackOps Backblast 03-14-18


PAX: 8 Strong: DoDoDoDoDo, Sunshine, Gillispie, Kilo, PK, Vincent (R), D–ger, Cutlass (Q).

After getting wooped by Old Bay at the BoW on Tuesday and feeling a little under the weather, I had some trepidation about leading a w/o this morning. But as soon as Vincent rolled up around 5:15, I knew I was good. This thing of ours is something special b/c of the men that join us in our quest to be better men.

Modification was needed due to the thin sheet of ice along the awesome paths that circle Veterans Memorial Park. I really think the location is awesome and when finished (the memorial is being renovated, looks awesome in pics) will be a kick ass place to work out.


Partnered up. We were 7 and I was tagging along with Kilo and PK when out of the darkness appeared D–ger. Awesome. My guy.

Partner 1 jogged the length of the big parking lot while partner 2 started on 100 burpees. Partner 1 relieved and continued burpees where partner 2 left off. Followed by 200 LBC’s, and 300 Jump Squats.


Mosey’d past the “Do not enter, under construction” sign to one of the several pavilions with benches underneath. While 2 PAX did 15 Abyss Merkins, the rest did Dips (I need to rename those) in cadence with the AM’s. Rotating out the pairs until all PAX had completed 15 Abyss Merkins. Result: Lots of Dips and stronger arms. Win.

Wrapped up with Jack Webb back at the flag Merkins / Arm Raises 1/4 to 10/40

Cutlass out

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