2/10/18 BackBlast – #TheMutt #TheHurt


PAX: Fridge, Wimpy, Cardinal, Draper, Tiger, Grinder, Black Lung, Glenn Ross, Zoolander, Left Eye, Cutlass, BumbleBee, WhamO, Pluya(spell)

This morning was special. Didn’t start off that way. I was up early as Q’s often are making sure I had all the crap I needed. Wasn’t much but if you’re like me, it’s often a scramble. Then I open the door to let the dog out and I feel a light drizzle that had clearly been falling for a while. All I saw on the forecast was “Cloudy!”. Dang it.. I had some on your elbows all out competion planned for my VQ at The Mutt. But at around 45 degrees, that combo sucks.. NP. Modify

This morning was special not just for me but for the awesome guys at the Mutt. And not just for the ones working out with Cutlass on a cold wet Saturday morning. But also for the ones that made a play not just Q’ing the O but stealing the GF. I regret this morning being my first visit to the Mutt. Can’t wait to come back (cough, Q’ing there again Wednesday)(cough, stealing GF back, cough) F3 is a special group. And The Mutt is a cornerstone of F3Louisville because of the HIMs that represent it.

Oh yea, and the black shirts lost at Burpee ball overcoming a 2-0 deficit to take the W 3-2. Only HIMs at coffee know what color my shirt was. Hats off to The Mutt and in staying with the theme of The Rock (preblast), You’re Welcome.


Warm Up:

Abe Vigoda’s
Side Straddle Hops
Arm Circles

Quick jog around the school

Thang1: Partnered up and lined up on the parking lot.

While Patner 1 ran the length of the lot and back, Partner 2 started on a combined count of:
100 Burpees
200 LBC’s
300 Jump Squats
Finally either 1. Bearcraw to “midfield” and back as a team or Yoda Down (P1) and back (P2)

Thang2: Grabbed Coupons and headed up to the soccer field.

Hit Play on a little Korn (that sadly no one could guess when I started with Shoots & Ladders) sad..
Same Partners
Partner 1 did weighted lunges to midfield and back while Parnter 2 did:
Amrap Squat Presses until partner 2 got back. Then switched. Same below until complete
Amrap Rows
Amrap Curls
Amrap Dips

Finished up with BurpBall (2 burpees per dropped pass/fumble – All). Great comeback by the bad guys.

Kilo – you are in our thoughts today

– Cutlass out

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