Backblast 10/13/18 Big 4 BO

big 4

Due to a scheduling conflict at our home AO, the Hurt was moved to the Big 4 Bridge for a day.  F3 Louisville has held several BO workouts and rucks at this location over the past year, but YHC had never made it out to one yet.  Ironically, 15 years or so ago when the KY side of the park and bridge were first under construction, a young Geppetto was intimately involved in that construction.   YHC was the surveyor that laid out every one of those humps, mounds, steps, trees, statues, etc.  In fact that ramp to the bridge was supposed to be a triangle, but due to some errors in my calculations it turned out looking more like a spiral.  Happy accident!  (I kid…I kid) So to say the least I know this park pretty well.  That said we only hit the tip of the iceberg of it’s potential with yesterdays workout.  Our very own Q extraordinaire, @Grinder, has planted the seed to making this a permanent AO.  We need to make this happen!

I decided to plant the flag for our meeting spot in the middle of the bridge.  Split the difference for our KY and Hoosier pax.  A little further walk/mosey from the car sure, but we don’t get up for easy.  Start time was 6:45 and I walked up with the flag right at “go time” to see a bunch of familiar and new faces (5 FNGs!!)

Pax:  Geppetto (QIC), Quimby, Deuce, Buschhhhh, Chestnut, Tiger, Porkchop, Fergie, Fridge, Ooze (DR Lex), Methane, Left Eye, Windshield,  Plumb Bob, April (R), Wham-o,  Bottle Rocket (FNG), Cher (FNG) (R), Mr. Whipple (FNG) (R), Puddin’ (FNG) (R), Jake (FNG) (R)

Weather: It was a brisk 43*.  Probably felt even cooler in the wide open air of the bridge.

Zoogear: Starting to see some tights, jackets, skull caps.  No tanks at this one.

6:45- Introduced myself to the pax, quick disclaimer, and we moseyed over the IN side of the bridge.  Down the steps and over to the grass lawn for some COP.


Kendra Newmans

Downward Dog/Cobra stretch

Grass Grabbers IC x 15

SSH IC x 25

IW ICx15

Thang 1:  Bridge Run

Split the pax into two equal groups.  Native American run from IN side to KY side and down the spiral.  Pax in the back drops and does 5 merkins before sprinting to the front.  Bridge is a lot longer than it seems…

Thang 2:  Single leg squat/dip Webbs

Moseyed down to the steps on the waterfront.  Advised the pax to look out for used hypodermic needles on the ground and we spread out along the steps.  One leg up resting on the step, full squat on the other leg.  Switch to other leg. Repeat.  Then 4 dips on the step.  1:1:4 up to 10:10:40.  Still feeling this one.

Thang 3:  Partner assisted pull-ups (if needed)

Moseyed over to playground.  Partnered up and did 3 sets of 15 pull-ups.

Thang 4:  Blockees up the stepees

Moseyed over to the amphitheater by the docks.  I had borrowed a few coupons from the Mutt and dropped them off prior to the workout.  We grabbed them and did 7 blockees at the bottom and then ran up the steps and did 7 SSH at the top.  Back to the bottom and repeato doing 6…5…4…etc.

Had to cut this one a rep or two short.  As mentioned earlier we had a long mosey back to the flag.  All in all, according to my wrist computer we had just shy of 3.5 miles of ground covered during this one!


Count-o-rama.  Name-o-rama, introduced 5 FNGs.  Thanks for coming out fellas!  Announcements for the convergence coming up 10/27.  Intentions were said.  Continued prayers for Carolyn Wintergerst family, Wedding Singer, several family members and friends with cancer.  In all sincerity, thanks again to the pax that came out today.  You helped me as much or more than I helped you.  Once again humbled by the experience of Qing a group of HIMs.

Geppetto out!

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