A 2.0 no more

Q: Seabass

Pax: Seabass, Red Roof, OJ, Gillespie, Vincent, Tammy Faye, Glen Ross, Wham!, Nugget (1.0)

Ruiner needed a Q and Football season was over. So it was time for Seabass to return to his home AO and show us what he had learned in his first quarter of High School.

Mosey across the street for COP



Abe Vigodas 15 IC

Copperhead squats 15 IC

Thang 1 BLIMPS

Seabass is similar to his Father in that he doesn’t generally like the distance running. But he wanted to challenge himself and the Pax by going off campus.

Headed to the bottom of Beals Branch for 7s of Burpees and Lunges. 6 burpees at the top and 1 lunges each leg at the bottom, then 5-2, and so on.

That hill is definitely no joke. At one point the owner of a nearby house asked, “Is this F3?” I told him yes and then he asked where John Cox was. Well, where were you, Iceman?

Next we moseyed to the bridge for 7s again with Imperial Walkers and Merkins while running from the bridge to the next stop sign.

Flatter terrain here, but still a challenge.

When that was completed, we headed to Cogans College ve to finish with Plank jacks and Squat 7s. This hill posed a challenge but OJ killed all three of these.

We cut through and headed to coupon field.

Thang 2

Since we did so much running, Seabass decided he would get ve us a break.

Dora with coupons

Partner up to compete

50 presses

100 squats

150 coupon swings

P1 does the exercise, while P2 bear crawls to midfield and jogs back and switch.

In retrospect, he said maybe 150 coupon swings was excessive. We definitely heard some chatter about the bright lights of top golf. And even a few made some comments about the difficulty of the WO.

We had about 15 minutes left, and we decided on Burpee football. Lots of burpees were done so we then modified to Merkins.


This was a tough workout. Lots of movement, but we were kept together and good MC. I think my days of referring to Seabass as my 2.0 are over. He posted alone a few weeks ago on a free weekend from football. His Q just solidified that he has this F3 thing under control.

My only other comment is this. He is 14 years old and that was his 5th Q. Time for some of the Pax to step up and pick ups some Qs.

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