BB: 10/25 The big kapowski. Q school. BB: 10/20 . Fill in Q


Glauc Q:  Birde, Fanny Pack, Gilly, Shuttlecock

Started with a mosey to our customary COP spot.   @ COP, I gave a brief discussion of a little about today and a review the 5 principles of F3.  Firstly, leading off with the 3 ways to lead an exercise.   1) on your own 2) single count 3) in cadence

Specifically mentioned.  “you have to tell the PAX the next exercise, the count of the exercise and when to be ready for the begininng of the exercise”

Technically, I have started giving the number, count and type of exercise first… then ready position “move” then “exercise”  I know ready position move is in the middle of the official F3 lingo, but for simplicity it makes the most sense to have it close to the end and the PAX still know exactly what to do which is numero 1..

We then did the following.

“10 Burpees On your own”  ready position move… exercise   (we did this)

“Next exercise 25 SSH in cadence. Ready position , move.. exercise” (we did this.. blah blah)

“Next exercise 15 hillbilly walkers in cadence.  Ready position, move… exercise.”

“Next exercise 15 Merkins single count. Ready position move.  Down”

As seen we covered all  “on your own, in cadence, and single count”  Specifically mentioned how one count in cadence should correlate to a movement of a body part and to practice if you are going to do an exercise in cadence before making the pax do it in cadence.

Next:  “Soul on Fire”  SSH the whole song, every “soul on fire” do a burpee.  A great warm up that I have not done in a while.

Mosey to get coupons..


Did the following 3 sets (each around 4 minutes depending on the song that was played)

8 hand overhand merkins,  run 25 yards , 8 Mexican jumping bean squats, run back. Repeat entire song..( “I got a feeling” Black eyed peas)

21 curls with coupon, run 25 yards,  10 curtsy lunges, run back (repeat entire song “You say” Lauren Daigle)

8 Thrusters with coupon, run 25 yards, 8 T Merkins, run back.. repeat (“Standing Outside the Fire” Garth Brooks”  )

Discussed why I like this sequence.  1) It doesn’t isolate anyone.. (you can walk and go slower, run and go faster, do more) 2) it has legs arms and cardio , not wearing down one body part 3) The counts are low and easier for the pax to complete but still a good workout.  IE . if we would have only done 2 merkins on the first that would have been too easy, 20 would have been too much)  4) everyone is done/ ends at the same time  5 ) it’s you vs. you..

Last Thang.. reserve capacity run

in honor of BB.. our PAX brother who is out a while.  Indian run around parking lot, when all have done one round to the front… stop and do a “burnout” longer harder session of a workout.

In this case the 1st exercise was “25 Merkins, single count, move position.. down”  Discussed how it is good to have higher counts together to push the pax more instead of on your own..

Indian run

2nd exercise ” 25 copperhead squats in cadence, move position.. exercise”  discussing on this to stay with the count and try to get deeper into squats

mosey back to flag for COT.. prayers, BB, Sadie and thumbtack.. discussed the convergence…


On 10/20 , Thumbtack had to drop his Q last second because of his back…  I decided to wing it and it actually turned out pretty good

Q: Glauc,  PAX: Shuttlecock, Sadie

COT ( I have no Idea)  Likely SSH and plank stretching

The thang :  4 corners   (1 corner had coupons, 1 corner had mini coups, the other two no weight)

Run from corner to corner completing some from of alternating Leg or arm exercise at each spot.. then always did 1 min. of mary before heading to next station…    For example.. one station we did a 10:40  , Merkins: shouldertaps  then 1 min of flutter kicks… another station 30 curls with coupon, 30 rows, then big boi’s for 1 min)  I have no Idea the others, but it turned out good and was fun…




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