BB: 11/6/18 election day…Glauc Q

It was great to be back for a Q at the O…

Glauc Q  Pax:  Glenn Ross, Gilly, Basic Bro (DR from Grand Rapids), sponge bath, ponzi, pk, buussschh,  sadie, wham, OJ, Kilo, Violet, Face, flo jo

Classic Glauc style post with full body goodness and speaker issues..

Mosey to tennis courts… make 2 mosey’s around with a little extra AYG on the far side ( the opposite short side)

COT:  30 SSH (IC), Plank Stretching, 15 Merkins (Single count)

Democratic Run – to song ” Hey Ya” Outkast

8 donkey kicks, bernie sanders to 3rd tennis court, 8 “jumping” Al Gores (al gore stance with a jump) , hillary clinton run back (on your tippy toes)  rinse / repeat entire song..

TRUMP:   each exercise 30 second interval.

T – Twerkins  R – Run  U – Umpalompa jacks (same as smurf jacks) M – Monkey Humpers P – Pickle pounders.  Repeated x 2 .

mosey the tennis court with an AYG on the far side (x2)  finish @ corner closest to entrance.

1 minute interval of the following (with 15 sec between)

unilateral leg squats, unilateral leg squats (switch legs), sumo squats, courtesy lunge, calf raises, sumo squats

same mosey as above ( x 2 with an AYG on the far side of the court)

1 minute interval of the following (15 sec between)

Ace Gary (one partner big boi’s, other holding ankles in plank), switch partners, pickle smashers (superman’s, methane’s whatever), Merkins, plank hold, pickle smashers..

repeat run above (x 1 , only mosey)

10:40   Merkins : Shoulder taps  (only did one round 10 :40)

10 : 40  big bois ; LBC

10: 40 Merkins : Mountain climbers

mosey back to flag where we got to know our man from Grand Rapids better!  Great to have him and all you fine men!  Also, rumors swirl of pope running an under 8 min. mile.  his legend continues.

Glauc OUT!!

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