Back Blast – 11/14/2018 @ The Tank

VQ:  Drysdale

14 Pax: Drysdale, Backdraft, Iceman(R), Worm, Kilo, Flounder, Snowday, Gitterbug(R), Aerobie(R), Tony Malito, Gepetto, Meatball, PK, Hot Wheels.

My first Q had me worried about inadequacies the night before and changed the “Weinke” at least four times!  14 “tough as nails” HIMs came out ready to go and no one complained about the weather(too much)!  I think the curiosity of a VQ along with being in the presence of Veterans Park really got them going!

Disclaimer:  I am not a professional and told them I like to stay in my comfort zone and hide in the shadows.  Today was not that day.  Mario Andretti was asked whether he felt comfortable racing at Indy.  He replied,”If I feel comfortable, I’m not going fast enough”!  Nuff said!

Warm Up:  We moseyed a bit and circled up.

  • 15 Abe Vigodas
  • 20 Side Straddle Hops
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • Downward Dog Achilles stretch into a cobra stretch
  • Michael Phelps
  • Runners Quad stretch

Thang 1:  Matt 541’s.  AKA, Indian run.

We got into a single file and ran around the Veterans Park parking lot.  The last person in line would do three burpees and then sprint to the front of the line of runners who was already 100 yards ahead of him.  We ran until everyone had their chance to do their thang!  The group stayed together and I explained the reason for the name change.  Matt 5:41 is a verse that states if someone makes you go a mile, you go two miles.  This was a Roman law that soldiers could make a civilian carry their ruck for one mile, but at that mile, the person could drop it and go back home.  Going the extra mile is synonymous with F3 and this run!

Thang 2:  21s x3

We moseyed to the “Coupon Armory” and either picked a full coupon or mini coupons.  I think I was the only one that picked the mini coupons! We then ran to the new circle of flags at Veterans Park and took a few seconds to honor the brave men and woman who this park was made for.  We gathered in a circle and did 21 curls, 21 rows and 21 calf raises with our coupons.  Each person took turns counting to 21 and then the next person until the set was complete.  The fourth person would count to ten.  Rinse and repeat two more times.

Thang 3:  Blackjack

I “borrowed” this from “Blueprint” a few weeks prior as this one just kicked my rear end, so I had to share the pain with everyone else.  At one end everyone lined up and did 1 merkin and then ran about 30 yards to the other end and did 20 LBCs to equal 21.  We would run back and do 2 merkins/19 LBCs for 21 until we finished them all.

I did not realize that this one was going to eat up the remaining time.  The Pax did a great job finishing them and hauling the coupons back to the armory.

I had another ab workout ready to go, but the clock hit 0615, so it was time for COT.

As I look back on this VQ, I will appreciate the work that every Q puts in each day!  Much respect to everyone and especially to Gepetto, Meatball and Backdraft who opened the world of F3 to me!  Mad Love brothers!  Lastly, I shared in our COT, no matter what circumstances you are in, going to be in or just got of, we are blessed beyond measure! Don’t give up! Be thankful that we woke up today to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love and of course F3!

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