Never to late Back-blast: The Extender at the Mutt (11-8-18)

Just as the temperatures dropped and the cold crisp air set in the heat got turned up at the Mutt. Tiger was at the helm and as the HIMs stood around wondering if Tiger was going to make it on time And he did not disappoint. Rolling in early at 5:27 there was still plenty of time to give full disclosure! Off we went with a warm up lap around the school and then circled up for some good stretching. After stretches everyone went and grabbed a coupon. Exercises would include 100 curls/200 overhead press/200 rows/and 300 bench press (combined between 2 people). One person ran across parking lot in the back of the school (performed 5 jump squats and 5 merkins). After completing coupon work we moved over and performed pull-ups (3 sets of 10) and crunches switching with partner between each set. we circled up for some quick ab work to complete a beat down. Finally, we finished with COT.

Thanks for all the HIMs that came out: Backdraft/Zartan/Zima/Pepperoni/Sump Pump/Deuce/Glen Ross/Escort/Spreadsheet/Cow bell/Mary Poppins/Wam’o/Mad cow/Waterboy/Beano/Sprinkler/Windshield/Miyagi/Mouth/ and the Q — Tiger (20 Total)

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