Audible!!  I felt like I had a good Wienke planned for Saturday. Fast paced and challenging but fair and would keep the group together.  I rolled in at 6:50 and planted the flag.  Shortly thereafter cars started rolling in.  Didn’t recognize the first guy, or the second, or the third…   Finally, Buschhhhh showed up and I’m thinking can this work with two??  Right at 7 there is a Wham sighting.  He was peering towards the tennis court and wondering where the PAX had gone?

Did the pre-blast scare everyone?  Did Abacus put a major hurt on the Friday night ruckers??  Could people really be getting ready to tailgate for a noon beating at Cardinal stadium???  Whatever the reason we had an unusually low turn out for the Ruiner. Buschhhhh suggested we run to Holy Trinity for a Nugget beatdown and the Audible was called.  Thanks Nugget (see Nugget’s BB) for accommodating the late PAX members and sorry (not Sorry) for the Mary Webb finale.

As for the original Wienke – I still have it in the rotation coming soon to a beatdown near you!!

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