Backblast #thebridge11/28/18

Well I read two Epic Backblasts today from @brockramser Red Roof and @tonymalito, so I won’t embarrass myself by trying to compete with those.  Lets talk about what we did.

Weather:  24 degrees but dry and very little wind

PAX-  Jitterbug (QIC), Ladybird (R), Drive Thru (R), Iceman (R), Gypsy, Mr. Kotter, Bob Ross, Uncle Rico, Retainer, Methane, Nice-N-Slow, Maxi, Dynomite!, Nino, Deep Dish, Huggies

Quick Mosey and Circle up for COP;    SSH, Grass Grabbers, Imperial Walker (with squat), Stretched it out a bit

Thang 1:  We stayed circled up for what I believe is called a Merkin Bomb, (I floated the idea of calling it a Circle Merk and received mixed reaction from the PAX.) Anyway we jogged in place and then each Pax stated his F3 name and then the name of (in their opinion) the Greatest Movie ever written, then all drop for 1 Merkin, (16 total);  There were some interesting choices that only affirmed that F3 is the place for me

Thang 2: Short Mosey to next parking lot; all PAX completed the following X3.  Bear Crawl to 1st light post, Mario 2 second light post, Sprint back to start

Thang 3: Short Mosey back to 1st parking lot and Partnered up for Suicide Drills.  Partners took turns doing the following. Partner 1 Bernie Sanders to 1st Cone and Sprint back, rinse and repeat to 2nd and 3rd cones.  Did this a total of 4 times while Partner 2 did the following AMRAP.  Boyos, Groiners, T-Merkins, Copperhead Squats

Thang 4;  Circle up for some Coupon work.  Manmakers/McAfee’s x10, Kettlebell Swing X 20,  Thrusters x20,  Bent over Rows x 30……then back to the flags for a few minutes of Mary.

COT:        Announcements Centered around the December 4 Post for Double Down and December 21st Ruck… Watch Slack for Details. Intentions and Prayers for Double Down and Abacus Family and M.; and silent intentions.  As always it is an honor to lead this group and I am lifted up each time I post and am better for it.

Jitterbug Out

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