The Extender 12/6 PreBlast

I had to wait 2 days and back to back workouts before finalizing this workout.  I usually make it over to the O for an early week workout but needed to stay at the Mutt and see what the other guys had planned for the week.  And I didn’t want to repeat to much from Tuesday and Wednesday–so this one will be different.

I wanted to use an older weinke, but a hard one from last December.  When I looked back at the old backblast (just another damn reason to do your BBs) I noticed that a lot of the guys that were at this workout are no longer that active (miss a lot of the old guys) but some of it will be new for others.  But tomorrow’s also a big day, and not because I’m getting a haricut, it’s because its my last Q of the year.  So my Q last week at the O was windy and cold and we skipped COP and jumped right into Burpees—but as George H.W. Bush said “not going do it”.  Honestly, if you were at the Blender today we did enough Burpees for the entire week (Great VQ DG).  And even though Mouth is out on the DL, he always likes a sneak peek at the weinke.  So here it is. There will be some COP, followed by some light running, followed by some arm, shoulder and ab work and ending with some more light running ending at 6:15.

Also, I heard some mumblechatter that with Nugget (fellow Hikes Pointer) on the Q at the ToG there might be collusion between me and Nug? Interesting, and you know at some point, we will have to relive that horrible Thursday morning back in April and do 100 burpees, run a mile, then 50 burpees and finish with another mile—right CI? Well probably not tomorrow, but if you never did this, just beware that it will happen again.

So come out tomorrow for a fun workout—heck its St. Nick’s Day and there might be something for the Pax.  Plus I will also have some Christmas tunes for the workout.  Lastly if you made it this far in my preblast, I would also like to remind you to do your damn BBs!


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