12/15/18 #Ruiner Backblast


QIC: Wham!
4 PAX: Violet; Gillespie; Red Roof; Wham! (Q)

Time: 0700

Weather: 51 degrees; Steady rain; Sloppy playing surface

ZooZooLemon Gear Check:  Black Nike long sleeve shirt; Black and Gray Camo F3 T-Shirt; Gray generic shorts with black stripes; Tac Hat with Grow Ruck Tough patch; Solomon Speedcross 3’s

Between the weather and holiday parties, I knew it would be a low turnout on Saturday, but as I made the 5 minute drive to The O and a slow rain turned into a damn near downpour, I became concerned that no one would show up.   So as I pulled into a parking spot at approximately 0659, I was pleased to see 3 other like minded idiots already waiting for me.  T-Claps to Violet, Gillespie and Red Roof for voluntarily posting in pretty terrible conditions.  I appreciate each of you (even Gillespie who primarily posted to test out his new waterproof socks).

At 0702 (a few cars pulled in right at 0700 and so we waited to make sure they weren’t F3 Pax, but alas, they were not), the 4 of us started the 5ish minute mosey to Wham! Island for COP:

– 20 SSHs IC
– 20 Imperial Walkers IC
– 20 Copperhead Squats IC
– 15 Merkins IC
– Plank (regular, right arm up, left arm up, regular, and then end with 10 merkins)

Thang 1
Before we could get to Thang 1, we had to get back to ground zero at The O, but instead of taking the same path back, we Bernie Sandered up Mount Quimby (this proved more difficult than expected due to the monsoon-like conditions) and then stopped at the top of the hill for a few of my favorite F3 exercises…the Imperial Squat Walker.  We then moseyed back to the street and did a Scout Run (Pax in front sprints for 10 seconds and then falls back to the end of the line and so on and so forth) until we made it back to the tennis courts.  Once we arrived, we grabbed coupons and then headed to Cogan’s Corner for some coupon-infused Dora action with partners.

Partner 1 “ran” from the bottom of Cogan’s Cove with coupon in tow to the top of the cul-de-sac and back down while Partner 2 did AMRAP Burpees.  And then vice-versa.  This was done twice.

Next was the same thing except the Burpees were changed to squats.  This was also done twice.

The last round was plank jacks instead of squats.  Due to time limitations, this was only done once.

Thang 2
We then moseyed back to The O’s public bathrooms area for more partner work sans coupons.  Partner 1 ran the approximate 1/4 mile loop around the tennis courts and then cutting back through coupon field while Partner 2 did AMRAP of 10 Dips and 10 Step Ups on the raised walls surrounding the bathrooms.  One full round of this was done before moving to the tennis courts for the last 5 minutes of the WO.

Thang 3
By the time we got to the tennis courts, we had 4 minutes left, so this is what we did.  Bear crawl across the first court, lunge walk across the second court, crab walk across the third court, broad jump across the fourth court, and then sprint back to the beginning.  We did 2 rounds of this before the clock struck 0800 and we headed back to the shovel flag.

Even with only 4 Pax, we followed SOP by doing count-a-rama, name-a-arama, announcements and then we huddled up for intentions and a closing prayer.  The beauty of having only few guys post, especially with bad weather conditions, is that you have good conversation with everyone there.  Yesterday was no exception and then we capped it off with Coffeeteria at Heine Brothers where Miyagi and Chestnut joined us after they finished their 10+ mile ruck (studs).

Peace out.



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