BB – Worm Q – HEAVY @ BIG MO 12/17

For five weeks we’ve brought some creativity to “Big Mo”. Sledge Hammers, Tractor Tires, Sand Bags, 2×4 Deadlifts, Battle Rope, and Metal 8″ Pipes. It’s truly amazing what our Q’s have prepared. This morning was more basic. An example of HEAVY work with Coupons, Plates, Rucks, and Kettlebells. These exercises can be performed at any location. Even though I was more of an observer, it was an Ass-Kicker!

PAX- 23!!! Poshies, OGs, Mutters, Counters, and Tank Jockeys – ALL BROTHERS IN THE GLOOM!

WeedWacker, Flounder, Hot Wheels, Big Bird, Pilgrim, Kilo, Airplane, MeatBall, Carlose’, Alexa, OJ, Vacuum (FNG), Jolly Ranger, Fungi, PK, LaunchPad (R), SnowDay, Chapo, BackDrift, Huggies, Valdez, Tony Malito, & Worm (Q)


I can’t express enough the importance of listening to your body and making slow, controlled motions during our HEAVY WO’s. Use comfortable weight and modify as soon as you feel the need.

Warm Up-

SSH’s, Arm Stretch, Quad Stretch, Arm

Circles, Grass Grabbers. (While stretching I explained the pain that I had planned)

Paired up the PAX, then split into 3 stations. We rotated the stations every 12 minutes.

I was odd man out, so I served as a floating Q.


(Partner Spot)

30# Ruck Back – Coupon on Each Shoulder – Squat To Failure

Drop one Coupon, move to Single Coupon Front Squat To Failure

(Partner Runs a Lap)

Drop Coupon, ARAP Ruck Squat until Partner returns.

Switch – Rinse/Repeat

Station #2 – KettleBell / Dumbbell 25-35#

Round 1- (Partner Runs Lap) Alternating Single Arm Curls – Switch

Round 2 – (Partner Runs Lap) Alternating Single Arm Shoulder Press – Switch


Station #3 HEAVY Merkins / HEAVY Chest Press

(Partner Spot)

Double Plated Merkin – To Failure

(Pull Plate) Plated Merkin – To Failure

Standard Merkin – To Failure


(Partner Spot)

Double Plated Chest Press – To Failure

Single Plate Chest Press – To Failure



Circled Up for Weighted Burn Outs

(I messed up a couple counts)

Counts of 10

Flatter Kicks, V-Ups, Wide Merkins, Shoulder Presses, Halos, Single Arm Front Raises 2x, American Hammers (Kilo)

05:29- COT

Welcome Vacuum (FNG)!

Thank you for letting me lead!!

Early Birds Got-


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