01.05.19 Backblast Gut Busting PK at the Nest

Airplane asked me to Q back in December, and I had been looking forward to having my VQ at the County.  I had been excited and did not have a clue as to what I was going to do.  I looked back at my first Q in 2018, and my F3 experience in 2018 as a whole for inspiration.


It was January 13, 2018, it had just snowed, it was freezing, and I did not want to disappoint.  My daughter lent me her Frozen costume so I could bring smiles and a warm hug beatdown to the brave souls that ventured out on the road that day.

2018 was good to me, and I have trimmed down a little since then.  No longer technically “obese”, now just overweight, I wanted to pay tribute to where I started 2018, and where I am working to be.  New Years resolution in tow, I planned a beatdown meant to again bring some heat and attack everyone’s gut with some of my favorite routines from 2018.

So with that in mind, I got to the Nest super early.  Actually Meter Maid Q’d a early morning ruck so we could test our gear training and cover some miles (a light 12.5 miler) in before my Q down memory lane.  We were on our way back when we rucked into Alexa, Mama’s Boy, and Gilligan doing their own ruck.  We joined up with them for a loop, and some good mumble chatter.  Meter Maid and I peeled off a little early and finished our ruck at 6:38 to give ourselves a bit of time to prepare.  I was feeling a bit tight and needed some extra water and stretching time.  It was 6:55 and there were only a few people there.  5 of them, including myself, were out rucking in the morning, and I was beginning to wonder what was up with the Nest on the weekends.  The weekdays are loaded, but I was thinking that extra 15 minutes was to much.  Then, I saw them roll in.  From the time, I thought they must have been from the Mutt, to come and take the Ghost Flag.  Then everyone got out, and nope, County boys rolling in strong with 2.0s in tow.  The Nest is still to far for the Mutt and the O PAX.

PAX: Miyagi, Mama’s Boy, Le Pew, Trekkie (FNG) (2.0), Bus (2.0), Fungi, Fun Dip (2.0), Jolly Rancher, Gilligan, Alexa, Cochran, Meter Maid, Big Bird, Giselle, Launchpad (R), Valdez, Exon (2.0), PK (Q)

6:59, I gave my disclaimer, and said I picked some hard things to do, so let us get started.  So with that I said, we began, circle up in the parking lot near the flag for COP.

SSH – 33

Abe Vigodas – 22

Stretch and Hold – Downward Dog, right foot outside right hand, then left hand up, repeat on left side

Stretch and Hold – Touch your Toes

Imperial Walkers – 27

From there, arranged everyone into two lines for some Double Applesauce (Indian Run). Head around the outside of St. Aloy’s and proceed to the coupons.  Then circle back up in the parking lot behind the Church.

I still had one of the Tabata workouts I Q’s in 2018, and informed the PAX, we would be doing 4 sets of 4 circuits with 15 second intervals between each circuit and a minute rest between each set. I put some tunes on, and began the exercise.

Bicep Curls, Squats, Overhead Press, Upright Rows

We got through three circuits and I called time.  People were looking rough, and I know I was feeling it.  Put the coupons back and we are going to Double Applesauce back to the flag.  We got not even half way and my calves cramped up.  To much bourbon over the holiday, not enough water.  Lesson learned.  PAX proceeded on like champs to the flag, while I hobbled back through a short cut, accompanied by Alexa.  True HIM looking out for the 6.

We still had plenty of time, and we had 18 PAX.  Get into two circles for some Bear Crawl Ring of Fire.  Can’t remember who did this at the Mutt one morning, but I remembered it sucked.  So here we go.

PAX bear crawled in a circle until Q called out stop, and then one of the PAX did 5 Merkins while everyone else held plank.  After one PAX did his 5 merkins, next did there 5 and so forth until everyone did their 5.  We did 4 rounds.

Next I gathered everyone for some Gutbusters.  Go the speaker back out and played a classic.  This time, I turned on the song Ghostbusters, and told everyone hold plank.  When you hear Ghostbusters, do a burpee.  When you hear, “I ain’t afraid of no ghost”, do plank jacks.

Still plenty of time, and still a few favorites left to squeeze in.  I am fond of Absolution, however I continue to screw it up.  8 count exercise, check it out on the F3 nation side.  We did 12 of these, and we were all feeling it.

We were getting close on time, so I called out Captain Thors.  Just to target the Gut for one more.  Big Boy Sit ups, with American Hammers in a 1:4 ratio.  We got to 8, and 32 when the church bell rung and signaled we had hit our time.

PAX circled up for Count, Name-o-rama, and naming our new FNG.  We did announcements and intentions.  Tons of items going on.  Check out slack, and drop some comments in the mumble chatter.

I mixed things up a bunch today with crazy counts, messing up the absolution exercise, pulling up lame on the second Double Applesause, and calling an audible from the 4 sets, to only doing 3 in the Tabata.  Some of that was planned, some not.  Life rarely goes as planned.  I spent a number of years on autopilot doing what was expected, and went no where.  F3 has got me out of my comfort zone, and driven to do more.


Sorry for writing so much, but not sorry as I am thankful to have so much to say.



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