1/25 chopper backblast #KiloQ

965341ef-e8f5-4058-8980-f68aeb853ce3Thursday night I was concearned about attendance at the chopper.  It was going to be a chili 15* with a wind chill of 0*.  With the awards night later that evening, I assumed many would choose rest and warmth.  We all know I wouldn’t blame them. I designed my Weinke for a PAX no larger than 12.  Whoops.  I soon realized I would have to re arrange on the fly as cars continued to pile into vets for a total pax of 24.

Gearlander:  warm baselayer.  Adidas warm pants, f3 louisville hoodie, north face down jacket, face mask thing, wool compression socks, Altra lone peak shoes.

Conditions:  stated above but it was COLD


PAX: Flounder, PK, , CI, Backdraft, Zartan, Geppetto, Vincent, Deepdish, Fergie, MEatball,Tony Malito, Iceman, Dynomite, StormTrooper, Aerobie, Porkchop, Jitterbug, Drysdale, Incognito, JOlly rancher, WeedWacker, FNG (FishSticks), HotWheels, KiloQ


Disclaimer Given


30 SSH

20 Mt. Climbers

15 Abes

30 Smurf Jacks


Mosey to parking lot and grab pallets

7 pallets 24 PAX = 3 PAX per pallet


P1 push pallet 25 yds.

P2 and P3 broad jump along side of Pallet pusher

switch until everyone has pushed the pallet 2 times.


Weave IT!

P1 Burpees

P2 pallet push 25 yds

P3 plank jacks

Weave IT!!


Put pallets up and mosey to the bottom of the giant VETS hill.


same groups of 3

P1 and P2 ace and gary

P3 sprints to top of hill and back down.

Ace runs the hill, Gary becomes Ace, hill runner becomes Gary.


Mosey up to the Tomb in front of the memorial.  For decline jack webb

decline merkin: Shoulder air press

1:4 ratio to 10:40


one mosey lap around the monument to hit 0615.  WOOF


We had 1 FNG who was HL by crab cakes, but crab cakes was not in attendance.  Basically this FNG came out on the coldest day of the year, did not know a soul, and was wearing shorts.  Tough dude!  Anyway, CI wanted to name him Nair because his legs looked squeaky clean and cold.   But the Pax decided on fish sticks, because crab cakes HL him and he had fish sticks for legs i guess.  CI will probably continue to call you nair.



Love is all you need!



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