Backblast 1/29/19 The Loco @ The County – Amelia Q

11 pax with 1 FNG

Amelia – Q


Momma’s Boy


Bulletin (R)


Jolly Rancher


Uncle Rico

Le Pew

Rocky (Christian Brady) FNG


KSDF 29056Z 27012KT 9SM OVC028 M07/M14 A3007

11 HIM’s posted to The County this morning for an Amelia beatdown. Abacus the machine he is couldn’t wait to begin. He began knocking out fast Merkins while waiting for the last of the pax to roll in. He may have been just not awake yet since I think he sleeps on Merkin autopilot.

05:30- 1 FNG was welcomed and disclaimer given. Short Mosey to main lot for COP.


100 Sidestraddle hops

Thang 1

Partner Merkins X20

Partner Big boys X20

Sprint full length of lot and Bernie Sanders back.

Rinse and repeat.

Bear crawl/crab walk/lunge walk back to front lot for Thang 2.

Thang 2

Jack Webb

4 count Jump Lunges/Squats

Mosey to flag for Mary


Each pax announce their favorite exercise and lead it for 10 reps.


FNG Christian Brady told us his amazing story of his brain tumor and of how he beat cancer. We all were in agreement that he was an amazing fighter and awarded him a fitting name for a great fighter. Rocky welcome to F3!!


Our Father

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