The Tank BB – 1/30/19

I had the day all planned out.  Kilo had sent me a schematic of the Vet and I had things ready to go.  Woke up, looked outside and was not expecting to see everything covered in snow.  No matter, snow workouts are some of the best, but what about the roads?  Crap.  I was not planning on the roads being a little dicey.  Luckily things weren’t too bad and I made it with about a minute to spare.

PAX:  Kilo, PK, Drysdale, Snow Day, Deuce (Q)

I had been told that there is pretty much one rule out at the Vet.  Don’t step on the seal.  As I walked up to the flags, the whole place was covered with snow, so I wasn’t sure if I effed this up already, but the seal was safe.

Start with a couple laps around the monument and then circle up for COP.  25 SSH, 15 slow grass grabbers and 20 Imperial Walkers, all IC.

Mosey down the path to the valley down by the creek.

Thing 1.  Divide into two groups.  G1 would run down to one of the block benches to do 10 dips and run back to relieve G2 who were doing spiderman merkins AMRAP.  Repeat.  After that was done twice, switch to G1 doing the run and 10 deep squats while G2 were doing Catalina Winemakers AMRAP.  Repeat.

PK had mentioned that there was a covered area with a bunch of picnic tables, and so we moseyed around the path up to that spot.  After tripping on the curb and making my recovery look extra smooth, we arrived.

Thing 2.  G1 would run to the basketball court for 10 smurf jacks, and return to relieve G2 who were doing 10 incline merkins, 10 decline merkins and 10 dips, repeating until G1 arrived back.  Repeat.  While out on the basketball court Kilo showed us his art skills in the snow (FYI if an FNG was there, his name was going to be snowdick).

Thing 3.  Everybody hop on a picnic table for a Mary Webb.  V ups and Rosalitas in the classic 1:4 ratio all the way up to 10:40.  Woof.

Next we moseyed back around the path the way we came.  Stopping one more time in the valley for another round similar to Thing 1.  Hand over hand merkins AMRAP and step back lunges (10 each leg).

With only a couple minutes to spare, mosey back to the flag.  We had just enough time for 5 burpees, 10 spiderman merkins and 20 dips.

NOR and COT: announcements given, February Ruck event is coming up on the 8th.  Intentions given and then finish with something that I have been working on over the past few months.  Wake up every day and make the day about someone else.  “Its not about me”.

As always, had a blast.  The Vet lives up to the hype, and I will be back.


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