1.31.19 BB for The Big Kapowski

Double Down’s the man! I’ve posted where he’s posted, we’ve partnered up quite a few times and during COT I’ve found myself next to him enough times to notice how strange it is that with out planning, I end up on his right or left. When the DD challenge rolled out, I wanted to do do him proud and try to be half of the HIM that he has been. My goal: Try and Q at different AOs that I haven’t yet before. I’ve been to Bayside a couple of times and enjoy the company that it keeps. I reached out to Glauc and thankfully he had some openings. I was immediately excited and what better day than the last day of the first month of the new year. And I had a plan for these PAX. Worm had come to the County a few weeks prior and worked my pecs to exhaustion so much so that I couldn’t help but to think of him for the next couple of days as my chest muscles were still trying to recover. I wanted to extend the favor to another group and the boys at Bayside would be the lucky recipients. The day prior, I was good with the fact that I would be traveling out there by my lonesome. Then, Fungi (for those not aware, he is a true HIM) reaches out to me and said he would travel with me. Nice! In single digit temps and not sure who might show, I knew we at least had enough for a workout. As we rolled up, Fungi said, “this isn’t much different than going to the O. We should come out here more often.” I concurred. We waited in the car until the absolute latest moment cuz…it was 4 degrees! I was stoked to see some other familiar faces in attendance!

PAX: Iceman(R), Jitterbug(R), Shuttlecock(R), Fanny Pack(R), Birdie, Fungi, Glaucoma, BigBird (Q)

0530! Let’s get it on! Slaughter start with 10 boyos.

Gave disclaimer, asked that everyone be careful and take their time cuz of all of the ice and headed towards the coupons. Once coupons were in tow we moseyed to the front of school for COT.

COT: Hillbillies 15 IC, Deep lunge stretch reaching opposite hand towards the sky, Batwings 10 IC each direction

Tabata 1: Dips

Tabata 2: BigBird lunges

Recover and short mosey to the flag pole for The Thang:

Partner work: 20 weighted coupon merkins each, 100 deep merkins, 100 uneven merkins, 100 Derkins. While partner 1 does the PT, partner 2 runs out about 40 yards and back.

Chesticles feeling smoked, we recovered before moseying back to return the coupons.

One last thing and this would put us over by about a minute and a half: Reprise of the song Bird Is The Word. While song is playing we would switch exercises after every 35 seconds. They were plank jacks, Peter Parker’s, Mack Tar Jae’s, and Burpees. Apologized to the PAX for being over and circled up for COT.

Jitterbug brought it to our attention that half of us out there were, “old guys,” and although he is right only in the sense they are old enough to be in the “Respect Club,” I hope I have half of the drive and determination to continue doing this when I am at that stage of my life! Proud of you men!

Iceman said because they were older they had more fat to keep them warm. Pretty sure we all disagreed because Ice probably has less body fat than all of us!

Jitterbug gave thanks for another successful trip to Wayside serving food to the homeless.

Prayed for Jitterbug’s wife and daughter that were traveling, Glauc’s grandparents, and Iceman’s son who is in his first year of college. Read a daily passage from Jesus Is Calling. Thanked the Sky Q for another day and this fine group of men for making it out on this frigid single digit morning.

Until next time…


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