Post Blast – The Nest/County Saturday 2/16

Some came because they knew it was a heavy run day, some were “pleasantly” surprised :).  Goal for today was to run 5k!

For a change of pace we went off campus into surrounding neighborhoods, stopping every 1/2 mile or so to do 25 merkins, 25 big boys, 25 plank jacks.  We finished over 5k in distance with 10 minutes remaining.  Toss in another round of merkins, big boys, and plank jacks plus 100 calf raises, and you get a tired group of guys.

Abucus and little Jerry finished a separate 20 mile run, and just for fun they joined the rest of the work out…  They are machines…

Gilligan, Little Jerry, Abacus, Cowboy, Kimble, Fungi, Jolly Rancher, Giselle, Bus, trekkie, big bird, Le pew, Viking – Q

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