Post-Blast: Wisteria @ Pleasantville 9/13

  This morning a bunch of heathens met at Pleasantville for a good slaughtering.  We quickly proceeded to ransack and blunder the neighborhood to the scale never seen before.  Ironically we didn’t break any windows, which my wife would have been happy with her husband about. After a quick warm up we split into teamsContinue reading “Post-Blast: Wisteria @ Pleasantville 9/13”

Pre-Blast: Wisteria @ Pleasantville 9/13

  My hope was to break in the new parking garage, but it looks like that won’t happen just yet.  It’s still surrounded by high fencing, but the time will be coming soon. Not having the parking garage won’t deter us.  I have a plan to cover some ground and visit new areas we haven’tContinue reading “Pre-Blast: Wisteria @ Pleasantville 9/13”

Post Blast – North Post Monday 7/22

  This morning there was a 50% chance of rain.  We didn’t get any rain, but endured a Viking storm!* Vikings like to carry and throw heavy things, and we did that this morning.  After a short warm up / stretch we battled through the following: Medicine ball slams.  Where you circle up and eachContinue reading “Post Blast – North Post Monday 7/22”

7/22 PreBlast The Silo / North Posh

Come out to north posh for a good old fashion beat down. Things we will likely do: Play with Vikings balls  (medicine balls get your head out of the gutter) The “Viking Toss” (team competition) Coupon work (sprinkled in as “break time”) Things we may do: Merkins Clock Merkins Squats Big Boys Indian run ThingsContinue reading “7/22 PreBlast The Silo / North Posh”

PreBlast 6/17/19 – The Silo @ North Posh – Team Viking VS. Team Cowboy

On Monday 6/17, Viking and Cowboy will co-Q an all out war for 45 minutes.  Carnage will ensure and I am sure that 1) Team Viking will win 2) It won’t be competitive but team Viking will wait for the 6 in a supportive way 3) North Posh standards will be met 4) It WILLContinue reading “PreBlast 6/17/19 – The Silo @ North Posh – Team Viking VS. Team Cowboy”

Post-Blast – North Posh – The Silo – 5/6/19

  This was the morning Viking forgot how to count.  All started innocently enough with SSH to warm up and one look at catfish (who was trying to figure out what the heck I was doing) and we all started laughing….  that was the end of SSH.  While my counting didn’t get much better (mayContinue reading “Post-Blast – North Posh – The Silo – 5/6/19”

Pre-Blast – North Posh – The Silo – 5/6/19

It’s my first time Q at North Posh, and in true to North fashion it’s not going to be easy, but I planning to make it fun and will bring some variety into the mix.  We will be doing some running, some coupon work, and maybe playing with a medicine ball or 2.  It’s goingContinue reading “Pre-Blast – North Posh – The Silo – 5/6/19”

Post Blast – The Nest/County Saturday 2/16

Some came because they knew it was a heavy run day, some were “pleasantly” surprised :).  Goal for today was to run 5k! For a change of pace we went off campus into surrounding neighborhoods, stopping every 1/2 mile or so to do 25 merkins, 25 big boys, 25 plank jacks.  We finished over 5kContinue reading “Post Blast – The Nest/County Saturday 2/16”

Back-Blast 2/11 @ South Posh / The Incubator

13 entered Vikings world of pain on this cold raining morning.  An Indian run over to the overpass reviled a coupon surprise.  After partnering up, we alternated between sprinting to the other side of over pass and doing 5 burpees, while the remaining partner chips away at the following… 200 curls w/coupon 200 bench w/couponContinue reading “Back-Blast 2/11 @ South Posh / The Incubator”

Pre-Blast 2/11 @ South Posh / The Incubator

Current forecast for cold rain on Monday. Come to south posh because we have a covered pick nick area, and a freeway overpass. Both will be utilized to help keep you as dry as possible. I know many won’t admit to it, but you don’t like to get on your 6 in the rain… (IContinue reading “Pre-Blast 2/11 @ South Posh / The Incubator”

Post Blast South Posh 12/31/18

14 individuals (including one 2.0) braved the rain this morning for my 2nd Q.  We celebrated 2018 by doing groups of 2018 reps (combined totals) from all.  We were able to hit 2,018 reps 6 different times, plus some additional mery, so each individual averaged 900 reps this morning.  Nicely done!!! Exercises: Mosey to theContinue reading “Post Blast South Posh 12/31/18”

Post Blast from 9-8-18 at the county

With the kickoff to NFL we focused on team and football events.  Starting with a warm up and extensive coupon work, we moved on to football drills and finished with an “ultimate frisbee” game using a football.  I won’t soon forget @doughnut laying out for a catch and sliding like 15 yards on his chest…Continue reading “Post Blast from 9-8-18 at the county”

Pre-Blast from the Loco #TheCounty 9/8/2018-BlackOps

Come join me for my VQ this Saturday at St. Aloysius at 7-8am.  It’s kickoff weekend for the NFL, so we will work in a football related game, but only after we get our sweat on. High level plan: 10 min:  Warm up 35 min:  Team Exercising, reaching goals as a team (w/coupon) 15 min: Continue reading “Pre-Blast from the Loco #TheCounty 9/8/2018-BlackOps”