PreBlast 6/17/19 – The Silo @ North Posh – Team Viking VS. Team Cowboy

On Monday 6/17, Viking and Cowboy will co-Q an all out war for 45 minutes.  Carnage will ensure and I am sure that 1) Team Viking will win 2) It won’t be competitive but team Viking will wait for the 6 in a supportive way 3) North Posh standards will be met 4) It WILL […]

Back-Blast 2/11 @ South Posh / The Incubator

13 entered Vikings world of pain on this cold raining morning.  An Indian run over to the overpass reviled a coupon surprise.  After partnering up, we alternated between sprinting to the other side of over pass and doing 5 burpees, while the remaining partner chips away at the following… 200 curls w/coupon 200 bench w/coupon […]