Pre-Blast – Ruck 9/26 – “Lets not Ruck to Indiana”

**Tomorrows / Saturday Morning Ruck is still on!!**

This started as a tribute to last year where @flounder and I decided to get some extra credit after a ruck PT on a Saturday 2 and decided to “Ruck to Indiana and back”, but based on the current environment we are going to not walk towards downtown and stay in suburbia instead! I have a great route that has high % of sidewalks and/or easily traversed ground.

This will serve as a great training ruck, mainly focused on miles, to the tune of 12-13 miles. This will help you prepare for GrowRuck as it’s a great opportunity to help test and break in gear, get your food and drink down, help focusing on pace and keep your head strong. It helped last year to help validate I was ready for the tough.

So come for good F2, or come to test your gear, or come for the conditioning, or just come for the fun, I’ll see you tomorrow!

Location: Start and Stop at the O, Seneca Park by the tennis courts

7am – Optional PT with @squid Q at the O
8am – Start Ruck
12pm (ish) – Finish Ruck

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