BackBlast – “beast mode” @North Posh 11/23/2020

Thinking about Monday’s workout, I realized that this will likely be a short workout week for many, including myself, due to the holidays. I was also ready to bring back a “beast mode” WO to North Posh. I’m happy that I had 6 other beasts show up to endure the pain.

After a circle of pain warm up, we did a staggered Indian run (social distance friendly) down to the lower parking lot. There we did the following circuit.

Plotted a course that was 1/4 mile (1/2 mile round trip), so this included not only that steep hill from lower parking lot to the gate on main road, but turned right on main road to go further up another steep hill to the top. So basically it was up hill whole time.

Start: 25 merkins / 50 MTN climbers

Middle: (do each of these from lower parking lot to gate)
round 1: bear crawl
round 2: bernie sanders
round 3: sprint

End: 10 Burpees when you get to the top

As time was running out we ran back to the flag, then did 50 big boi’s

Fellow “beasts” include:
Brown Water
Viking Q

Be on the look out for more “Beast Mode” events coming to North Posh.

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