Ruck Back Blast – 9/26 – “lets not ruck to Indiana”

This started as a tribute to last year where @flounder and I decided to get some extra credit after a ruck PT on a Saturday 2 and decided to “Ruck to Indiana and back”, but based on the current environment we stayed in suburbia instead! (see route picture below)

Most of us started with a @Squid beatdown at the O from 7-8 where we got fairly dirty and muddy. For those of you from the Mutt you can see some of this mud/dirt rubbed off on your fresh parking lot ;), again reference picture below.

Speaking of the Mutt, the route took us by 2 “AO’s”, well one official (Mutt) and one not so much (Mary T). As we came upon these sites the group had to pay homage to the locations and doing so they earned a short rest. At the Mutt we did sprints (rucks on) across the parking lot and back, then 100 reps broken down into 25 merkins, 25 squats, 50 flutter kicks (holding ruck over head). We repeated the honor at MaryT, minus the sprints as it’s only a partial AO :).

There were a few highlights/notable mentions from the ruck.
1) No Nuts brought his 2.0 (see pic below) and the kicker is he’s only 6 years old! I don’t know many kids that would want to go on a 4.5 hour, 13mile ruck with their dad and random group of guys, but he did and he rocked it. We officially welcomed him with his F3 name “Load out” in reference to him be prep and having a full ready load of supplies at his ready for the ruck.
2) After resting for 5 minutes at the Mutt it was time to go, I gave the 1 minute warning and the group let out a collective moan, but at the same time Load Out, yes the 6 year old, spoke up with a “I’m ready” in a tone that both said he was really ready to move and at the same time seemingly questioning why everyone else wasn’t. It was awesome.
3) Metermaid and Dauber decided to bring some “team” weight in the form of a 40lb sand bag. They said don’t worry guys, we are just going to rotate this for the ruck, you all don’t need to worry about it… Well it feels like we weren’t even an hour into the ruck (ok maybe 1.5 hours) and they were ready to give it up. So being good Hims we all started to chip in on team weight, but of course had to give them some grief along the way :). Truth is that while we all complained we appreciated the training opportunity to get under some additional weight.
4) Speaking of team weight, the group was starting to worry that I, Viking, wasn’t going to have beer for the endex, but fear not! With a quick stop into a gas station on Frankfort ave, this fear was rectified and turned into additional team weight in the form of a cooler, case of beer, and bag of ice. Shout out to @motorboat for beer purchase. While there was discussion to lighten this new team weight many times prior to the finish, the weight stayed intact till the end. Where we enjoyed a nice cold, and slightly shaken beer… Of course Viking shotgunned one in front of a group of teenage girls and their parents who were there for a tennis tournament…
5) What was potentially more torturous then the miles and the ruck itself, was the fact the route took us by some restaurants that were putting out such good smells or temptations… Mission BBQ, Mamas BBQ, pizza places, open outdoor bar seating, heck even chick fila was putting out some serious good smells to torture us along the way.
6) This proved to be an excellent test of gear, some confirming/solidifying their choices for the growruck, some proving that they need to change things up prior.
7) While Vikings are great navigators, not once did we get lost, we confirmed that Vikings may not be the best at time or distance estimates. Noting that both the distance and time duration both were underestimated. Some had 13.6 on their mileage calculations.

As usual, this ruck provided great fellowship and proved to be a good time!
Fellow Hims included:
Viking Q
Old Bay
Motor Boat
Sump Pump
No Nuts
Load Out (FNG) , No Nuts 2.0

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