BB DeVitto Q at the County, 9.26.2020

On a nice Saturday in the County, 19 souls came out for a dance with Dora. We started with the usual warm-up of side-straddle hops, toy soldiers, grass grabbers, etc. and then moved into the workout. Everyone had a partner and performed the following as a team:

50 burpees – one partner did burpees until other partner completed a lap around islands. Then, partners switched until they achieved 50 burpees as a team.

100 arm haulers – one partner did the haulers while the other partner lunged across the parking lot. One the “lunger” completed lunging across parking lot, the partners then switched. (For those of you that don’t know what an arm hauler is, it is like doing a snow-angel on your stomach, only your legs are still and feet are off the ground).

150 merkins – one partner did merkins while the other partner bear crawled across parking lot. Partners switched once the “bear crawler” completed the bear crawling across the parking lot.

200 flutter kicks / rifle carry with coupon across parking lot.

300 squats / 30 sec plank holds.

Finished with 1/2 mile run around campus.

Team Blackflop (Backflop and his 2.0’s, Squirt Gun and Super Soaker) won the prize of Fireball, courtesy of Mama’s Boy. One note was that Backflop carried Squirt Gun for 2 laps around the campus and Super Soaker ran the entire distance. Pretty impressive!

After a brief break, we completed 4 rounds of the following:

30 sec. man makers followed with 30 sec. supermans.

The following gentlemen participated: Pelican, Jolly Rancher, Captain Crunchberry, Diane Dukes, Mama’s Boy, Holly Roller, Focker, Bulletin, Backflop, Squirt Gun, Super Soaker, Fertile Myrtle, LePew, Asian Zing, Brown Water, Hush Puppy, Cratchit, and our new FNG, Gonzo. Welcome, Gonzo!

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