2/26 BoW Backblast #KiloCominInHott


Like really hot.  Not only did I scoop up this Q from my man MadCow at the last minute, YHC showed up at the last minute 0530.  The Subaru does great on 2 wheels and as I screeched into the O gravel I overheard OJ say “let’s give him a couple more minutes”.  Shew!!!! 90 on the highway and I made it!  Don’t recommend!

back up about 20 minutes and I was rudely awakened by Ryan (2.0) crying, suddenly realizing I’d somehow turned off my alarm at 0445 and it was now 0510 and I was Q at BoW.  Blast off!!!!  Scurry around waking everyone up, gotta get my gogo juice made and out the door with a couple layers on in 5 minutes.  Made it out the door at 0517.  13 minutes to make it from Jtown to Seneca park.  I can do it.  And I did.  Not safely, don’t recommend it, but I did.

As soon as 0530 hits I dart past the circled up and stunned pax and ask them politely to follow me to circle up at the tennis courts.

Now that I’ve arrived in the nick of time I can give my disclaimer and proceed to give this group of 18 HIM what they need, a big ole fashioned Kilo Beatdown.


conditions were just right for this time of year.  30* no wind.  Perf!


Mayberry, buschh, OJ, violet, FNG (ValPak) Cupid, face, porkchop, wham!, Kilo, floJo, backdraft, penny, shank, who Dey, huggies, Joanna Gaines, mcafee


30 mt climbers

30 plank jacks

15 grass grabbers

15 walkers

15 merkins

quick count to find the even perfect number of 18 I was looking for and we were off to the court with the hill.

Bottom of hill partner up

modified CI Dora

first sprint up hill

second Bernie Sanders up hill


100 T merkins

150 squats

50 burpees (CI trick to put burpees in middle of Dora, not at beginning). Shout out to him where ever he is.  I think he’s had a cold for a month and won’t see a dr.  PorkChop can you reach out to CI and check on him.  Thanks!

300 LBC

help the 6 finish and head back up to the tennis courts for more stupid fun.

all you got 4 court sprint and back

bear crawl 2 court and back

broad jump 2 court and back

all you got sprint 4 court and back


Mary time

couple new things

Low butt plank knee taps

hips to heaven

flutter kicks

oblique crunchs



named our FNG ValPak because he does IT for a marketing company that makes and designs mailer ads for companies like homeDepit.  SO to OJ for the quality name recommendation!

Update on Bible study with Violet and TfB.  Look on slack for more info

update on F3Lou Ruckin patches and the nearly $1,000 raised for Angels in Disguise!

took us out being thankful for healthy children and asking skyQ to bless those without healthy children.  Hug and hold your kids tight!!

Whole bunch of love!


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