PreBlast – #CSAUP 3/23/19 0630 to 0930 Abacus Q Parklands #NorthPosh

Spin Round

Why – It’s my birthday, I’m planning a CSAUP to see what we’re made of on March 23rd.

What – AMLAP (as many laps as possible) around the Coppiced Woods Trail

When – March 23, 2019 0630

Where – Meet at North Posh We will slow mosey to the start point.

Distance – TBD b/c it’s up to you. Each lap is 1.87 miles

Who – Runners, Ruckers, Bear Crawlers/Frog Hoppers/Crab Walkers (Amelia)

This is a challenge You v You. It is not a race. We will have water at each lap. IF you want something special bring it yourself. This is a self supported event.

It will be dark when we start so, bring a headlamp.

If you want to bring a drop bag, you can set it near the water station (e.g., the M’s van).



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