BB 03/06: The Bridge = Glauc Q

This was the beginning of a rough patch for me… a very bad sinus infection and grandfather passing, means this was put to the side.. I’m sorry PAX.  This am(03/06), I was just starting to feel a little off with some post nasal drip the night before.. That led to an awful, sinus infection that I still feel am recovering from.. Still I should have had this out sooner..

I do remember, it was sneaky cold out.. cold enough my beloved speaker / phone quit working..

Q: Glauc   PAX: Mr. Kotter, Huggies, Retianer, Iceman, BobRoss, Jitterbug, Ladybird, Nice and Slow, Nino

Mosey to one of the side parking lots on the way to the bridge:

COP:   20 SSH (IC), plank stretching, Hillbilly walkers, plank stretching (into a few twerkins)

Thang 1.. with the music playing  ,  repeat for the entire song.  7 mexican jumping bean squats on one end of the parking lot, mosey to other end 7 T Merkins.  Repeat the entire song

Thang 2.. same parking lot.. phone died (so did 4 rounds instead of entire song)  4 lunges then a burpee.. continue that sequence… Go back and forth the short length of the parking lot 4 x..

mosey to bridge: while in pant pocket, phone came alive!!

30 sec. intervals (with mini/smaller rock)  merkin rows , merkin rows (other side), lbc  (3 rounds of this

30 sec intervals: one leg lunge, one leg lunge (other leg) , jump squats (3 rounds)

30 sec intervals : Merkins, big boi’s, supermans (3 rounds)

Mosey back to flag!

Glauc Out!

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