BB – 4/10 – The Blender at the Mutt


Thanks to Backdraft for letting me pick up the Q this past Wednesday at the Mutt. It’s always good to be back home and always a pleasure to lead. Here are the studs that came out to enjoy the morning with me:

BUSCHHHHH, Backdraft, Sump Pump, Cowbell, Old Bay, Cornbread, Glen Ross, Tasty Freeze, Snowman, Fungi, Kimble, Blueprint, Incognito, Flo Jo, Geppetto, Fridge, Grinder (Q)

Here’s what went down:

Quick mosey around the school to COP for some SSHs, Hillbillies, Grass Grabbers, Downward Dog to Runner’s Stretch to Warrior Pose then Michael Phelps. Next, we split into two groups and started a Native American Run down Brookfield to St. Matts Ave. Man in the back did a burpee then sprinted to the front. Once we reached St. M Ave, we crossed over to Leland by way of Native American BearCrawl – while PAX line up in plank, man in the back crawls to the front. Once at Leland, we finished up with a Scout Run back to the coupon garden with the Scout doing a burpee at the end of each sprint.

Each PAX picked a coupon from the garden, then we went back to the small lot for a Tabata lifting set: 45 seconds AMRAP on, 15 seconds off for each exercise, with a minute break in between sets. PAX were encouraged to plank during the break although some chose to run or rest instead. The exercises we did were Overhead Presses with Coupon, Coupon Squats, Coupon Curls, Coupon Swings and Flutter Kicks holding Coupon. We did four sets total to the following playlist: “Bombtrack” Rage Against the Machine, “Cochise” Audioslave, “Outshined” Soundgarden, “Guerrilla Radio” RATM, “Bulls On Parade” RATM. Usually I’d mix it up more or do all songs by one band, but I went with my gut.

We finished the workout at 6:14 and had enough time to return the coupons before heading to COT for announcements, intentions, and a few words of encouragement and thanks to finish out the week. Thanks to all the PAX that came out. Grinder out.

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