Backblast – North Posh – 4/15/19

“The Few, The Proud, The Machines”

The Weather – 39 Degrees, crisp, and dry

PAX: Dunphy & Abacus

The warm up included a .75 Mile run from North Posh to Canoe Drop Parking lot.  Once at the parking lot the party began.

The workout consisted alternating Hill Repeats and the Following Exercises AMRAP:

  1. Cinderblock over head holds
  2. Cinderblock Curls (AMRP)
  3. Merkins (AMRP)
  4. Squats with Block (AMRP)
  5. Squat and Press with Block (AMRP)
  6. Burpees (AMRP)

The workout concluded with hill run back to North Posh and (2) Sets of 25 Reps of Toe Raises and Dips.

Total Mileage 3 Miles.

– Dunphy

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