Rooster 04.16 Backblast – Old Bay returns to the Helm

PAX 15: backedraft, busschbh, deuce, grinder, fridge, blueprint, iceman (R), beano, glen Ross, tiger, yogi, tureen, zima,  cowbell, Old Bay WIC

Conditions: perfect

Disclaimer given, mosey straight to coupons.

Circle up for COP.  Imperial walkers, mountain climbers and stretching.

Thang 1: the Motivator.  Side straddle hop progression 10 full, 10 half, 10 legs only, 10 bunny hops. Then 9 of each, 8 of each,  all the way down to one.  I think this was a lot of SSHs.  This appeared to not be popular with some, but I wanted to try it anyway because I’m a jerk.  Zoolander would have loved it as much as Grinder did

Thing 2: the Merkin mile. Run the neighborhood,  descending Merkins at each light post, 10, 9, until we return. The whole group stays together. AYG from #2 light post to #1 light post. Mosey recovery back to coupons.

Thang 3. Count off by threes. Group one coupon thrusters, group two walk over Merkins.  Group 3 runs around the school to push group one. Everyone does all three. Rinse and repeat, group one alternating skull crushers, group two on your six flutter kicks with coupon in the air. Group 3 runs around school to push group one. And TIME

Damn it felt good to lead a work out again! When I was on the shelf with my disc issue, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever get back, and I hated it.  Along the way, I really appreciated the check-in’s and words of support from the crew. In the CO T, I talked about how we can’t necessarily control our circumstances, but we can control our reaction to them. When I started easing back into a F3 at the end of January, my own ego was my Jester. I was pissed off that I wasn’t near the front anymore. I’ve been trying to change my expectations, and having done that, it feels so good to be back ITG.  My counting was a little off, but I hope it was a proper beat down, looking forward to the next one.  ~Old Bay

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