4/18 BB from the Agony at The County

Dem County Boys have had the Ghost Flag long enough. Time to rally a posse of Poshies and get it back.

PAX: Ashley, McAfee, Mama’s Boy, Gilligan, Airplane, Viking, Alexa, Crockpot, Gizelle, Little Jerry, Jitterbug, Cowboy, Kimbel, Jolly Rancher, Bulletin, Launchpad, Wildflower, Catfish, Iceman, Tool Time, Red Wagon, Retainer (QIC).

Beautiful, 65 degree morning. Great for a beatdown.

Started with a mosey around the campus, and everyone picked up a coupon on the way. Lined them up at the end of the parking lot for later work. Circled up for the COP.

COP: Calf stretches, 40 SSHs, 20 Hillbilly Squats, 20 Grass grabbers, planks and runner/yoga stretches, and 20 jumping lunges. Then, the Thang.

The THANG: Greta

Sorry to have used an idea that Crockpot was already cooking up, a Greta, which is a Dora with coupons. Divide into teams of three. On one end of the parking lot, Pax 1 does Dora work on chest: 100 burpees, 200 merkins, 200 dry docks. On the other, Pax 2 does Dora leg work: 300 squats with coupon, 400 single count lunges with coupon. Pax 3 farmer carries 2 coupons from Pax 1 to Pax 2, and the rotation continued for a solid 35 minutes. Not sure that anyone finished reps. It was damn hard.

Circled up for some Mary Webb and made it to 8 BBS before the Site Q said we couldn’t go late to finish. Thanks, Mama.

Circled up for COR, NOR, announcements, intentions. Passion Ruck Friday. Convergence on Saturday. And with the spring and summer weather coming, time to get our numbers out.

Finished with reflections on health, aging, and the coming Easter weekend.  My high school religion teacher taught us to celebrate the weekend with fellowship, sacrifice, mindfulness, and celebration. Let’s have a good one, fellas.

Retainer out.

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